Lemon Drop Pie

It’s almost turkey time!

But before stuffing ourselves let’s give a warm welcome to today’s featured blogger
Lemon Drop Pie!

Many people mistakenly think Lemon Drop Pie is a food blog, when in fact I am not even a good cook! When I was thinking of a name for my blog, I wanted to show the sweet things in my life: my daughters. They came along years after a “sour” part of my life: my cancer diagnosis. In fact, my daughter helped me come up with the name Lemon Drop Pie; we were sitting together on my bed, and I was thinking “lemon drops” would capture both sweet and sour. Lily, getting bored as I was daydreaming, said, “Let’s make a pie!” and threw the sheets over both our heads. And so “Lemon Drop Pie” was created! I write about the events that make up all of our lives; the happiness and the sadness. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything! And so my motto goes: Serve me up a slice of that sweet ‘n sour life!

Lemon Drop Pie’s Favorite Posts:

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  1. says

    So, life is a bi tcrazy right now and I went back to make sure I had been showing comment love like I should and discovered I hadn’t commented on your SIts day! I am so sorry! But I loved your blog and want you to take my photo for my blog!!!

  2. says

    Congratulations on becoming a SITS featured blogger. I enjoyed reading your favorite posts! I feel the same way in regards to the profile picture, hence the cat.

  3. Kim says

    Great blog. Loved the impulse buying video! So sweet to hear your daughters in the video; I have 2 girls of my own and love the sound of mothers & daughters laughing together. :)

  4. says

    Happy SITS-how you came up with your name through your daughters is delightful! The profile pic (unedited) nearly killed me! Reminded me of my life…except I would have had even more signs and “stuff” going on in the background as I have 9 kids who are always somewhere…doing something! 😎
    The Garden Goat