Life and Love of a Parrothead

Please welcome Breann, the author of Life and Love of a Parrothead.  Read on to see what Breann’s title means, and don’t forget to ooh and ahh over her adorable baby!

What is a Parrothead, and how did you come up with the title of your blog?
A Parrothead is a loyal, lifelong fan of Jimmy Buffett. Growing up, my parents introduced me to Jimmy very very early and started taking me to concerts when I was about 7 years old. Since then I have been to 8 concerts and have every album on my ipod. Whenever I want some feel-good music, I turn to Buffett and am I instantly in an island state of mind. I decided that since many people who know me well are aware of this love for his lifestyle, why not have the blog world know I am a Parrothead?

What can we expect when coming by for a visit?
I am a little random, so you really never know what to expect! Some days I am talking about how much I want or need something, or something I am obsessing over. Others I am updating you on the silly things my son is doing. Really, I try to blog about what comes to mind and what I think others will enjoy reading about. It’s like Julia Roberts said in “Pretty Woman” – “I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal.”

What is your favorite thing about Texas?  What is your favorite thing about  moving from small town to big city?
My most favorite thing about Texas has to be that we are friendly. We wave when we cut you off in traffic. We say “excuse me darlin” when we cut you off in the grocery store. If we think something you just said or did was tragic, we just pat you on the arm and say “bless your heart.” See? Friendly!
Moving from a small town to the big city really opened my eyes to culture and possibilities. It also made realize how very small my home town was! When I go back for a visit I am almost itching to come home because I miss the fancy stores and fast paced life. I love the museums, places to eat, and most of all… The Galleria!

Cowboy boots or Jimmy Choo’s?
Actually I don’t even own a pair of cowboy boots! Is that bad? I have riding boots that I wear in the winter (all 2 months of it) but I haven’t had a pair of cowboy boots since the 6th grade. I would have to say Jimmy Choo’s! But can I ask for flats? Running after a 9 month old in heels doesn’t seem like a great idea to me!

Favorite Posts:
Logan’s first haircut and how it traumatized me: I think every mom can relate to this!
The first of the series I did the week of my anniversary with my husband: This story is great, and leaves you wanting to read more.
One of those days when I wanted a shopping spree but didn’t have the money! Wants vs. Needs.  That’s the bottom line.


  1. happy SITS day! and this post is awesome, btw, your little one is so adorable!
    puddinggirl recently posted..To Do: Finish it or Do write it again!

  2. So much fun to read the inspiration behind your blog name. I had an album of Jimmy Buffet growing up. Loved it. Here’s to Cheeseburger In Paradise and Margaritaville! :)

    My Traveling Troop recently posted..Pom Poms For Triathlons

  3. That star of mommy’s blog bib is fabulous! Great blog too :)
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  4. Happy SITS day!! Can’t wait to read some of your blog!
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  5. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a Jimmy Buffet song (sorry). Sad right?
    Lady Jennie recently posted..Honey-Mustard Pumpkin Soup

  6. My parents are from Texas, and my grandmother often invoked the “Bless your heart”!
    Margaret Almon recently posted..Crafted: The Fine Art of Craft at Studio B in Boyertown, PA through October 15th, 2011

  7. Congrats on the Spotlight! I loooveed the post.. We ate at his restaurant in Orlando last week :)
    Jasmine recently posted..Warrior Dash

  8. That bib is precious! Oh and island music – Bahama Breeze makes me think of Jimmy and the Islands every single time!
    Stephanie @ Our Marriage Adventure recently posted..Coping with Crazy

  9. What a sweet family! Happy SITS day! :)
    Semper Wifey recently posted..Military Monday Returns…

  10. I just moved to Texas from Minnesota and I have to say that at first when people would say things like, “excuse me darlin” it would irk me. We have the Minnesota nice thing going on there but that does not extend to cutsie nicknames. Now, however, it’s old hat. Congrats on being featured!
    Sara recently posted..New Blog Name: The Critter Blog?

  11. Aww…what a cute kid! Happy SITS day!
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  12. I finally made it…what a crazy Thursday! :)

    Off to say hi to our FB today! :)
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  13. Love Jimmy Buffett! Cute blog.
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  14. I haven’t had time to stop by SITS in quite a while. Since school started it’s just been so busy! I miss finding such great blogging ladies through ya’ll though…I’ve got to find time to stop by more often!

  15. Everyone – You are all so splendid! Thank you for making this such a wonderful day!!!!
    Breann recently posted..Welcome!

  16. It looks like you have a beautiful family! What an adorable baby! I love the song, Margaritaville. But I am not sure that I would qualify as a parrothead. But it is putting me in the mood for some margaritas!

  17. Your blog is lovely. I love the week where you tell your story about how you and your husband came to be and the last sentence of first post is pure love. Congratulations on your SITs day and your wee one is adorable as well. I will be back to visit your blog.
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  18. I love the title…I am off to see the whole blog now :)
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  19. That little baby face is amazing!

    ♥ theMRS.
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  20. I could be a Parrothead too since I grew up with island life. I would be a displaced Parrothead now living in the north. Love that baby picture, that’s a treasure.
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  21. Ok- she is absolutely adorable!! Baby, story, life, loving all of it! Cannot wait to go check out her actual blog! :)
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  24. Happy SITS Day! :) I love your adorable baby’s bib! Too cute!
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  26. That’s the cutest baby pic I’ve seen in awhile :) I love the title of your blog, very unique! Heading over there now…
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  27. Congrats on your SITS day! Hope you are enjoying every minute!
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  28. Such an adorable family. And that bib is awesome!
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  29. I would totally move to Texas if it meant I could pull of cowboy boots.
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  30. Happy SITS Day! Isn’t it fun?
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  31. You guys are so awesome! I am trying to reply back and visit blogs, give me some time! I am alone all weekend so I should have time to stop by. Love you all!!!
    Breann recently posted..Welcome!

  32. What an adorable baby! Happy SITS day to you!
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  33. How fun to have something you are both so passionate about! And what an adorable baby!
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