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Joining us today is Cheryl, a millennial married blogger who hails from Canada! You can find her musings on marriage and life in general on Life As Modern Wife.

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I am not perfect. I’m the kind of girl that has flushed glasses down the toilet, lost three coats in one winter, and knows exactly how many kilometers I can get when the gas gauge reads empty. I am probably the last person who would claim to be an expert in marriage yet here I am, writing a blog for all the other young, independent women who thought, “How on earth was I going to manage a marriage when I can barely manage to shave my legs?” Marriage and its roles looks a lot different than it did fifty years ago, I started blogging to capture the humorous side of figuring out a relationship as a millennial couple in this day and age. From romance, household roles, fighting fair, and an obsession with a mini schnauzer, this blog covers it all. Thanks for stopping by!

Three of Cheryl’s must-read posts include:

Her take on why modern technology will drive more couples apart than finances or infidelity.

Responding in disagreement to a Huffington post article claiming today’s generation is “too poor to have kids.”

Discussing the name changing dilemma she faced as a new wife. {A lot of women had a lot to say about this issue!}

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    I’m really looking forward to reading her posts. Those topics are ones I’ve really thought hard about and struggled with. And she’s a fellow countrywoman. What’s not to like?

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    Oh, she sounds fabulous. Can’t wait to check her out! Thanks–you guys always feature the best bloggers, you know that?? 😉

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    I am never going to get any work done today! I want to spend every second reading your blog! Happy SITS day and pardon my tardiness!!!