Life as Wife

Samantha from Life as Wife is one-half of a young married couple with one child. She writes about her journey as a mom and she’s today’s featured blogger!

Life as Wife

Here’s a bit about Samantha:

Life As Wife is where I “navigate the waters of marriage and motherhood while enjoying the treasures in life.” At least – that’s what my header says. Most days I’m hanging on to the back of the ship for dear life. There is not a lot of the glamorous wind-blowing-in-the-hair thing; although, I would be lying if I said there wasn’t rum on occasion.

Life as Wife
Some of Samantha’s favorite posts are:

Twilight is a special time of night.

A letter from son to father in Dear Daddy.

Bartering with Time is about embracing the moment.

Check in with a short comment below, then head to Samantha’s for more of Life as Wife!

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    “navigating the waters” is a perfect analogy. looking forward to following your treasures. keep that extra raft nearby. i may need to grab onto it so i don’t get swept away myself!

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    Yikes, 9:30 and I’m just now stopping in to SITS! It’s only Tuesday and this week is already getting away from me!

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      I’m sorry, I have had some issues with my commenting system though I am not exactly sure what is going on. When I am on my blog I can see the “comments #” link at the very bottom of every post. If you click on then the comment form should be visible.

      AGGH so sorry for your trouble!

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    What an adorable, creative idea for a family blog! I am definitely looking forward to keeping up with and following Samantha’s posts in the future – great pick, SITS!

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    Congrats on your SITS Day and how appropriate that it’s on Valentine’s Day as you write lovingly about the time with your kiddies and husband!

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      I’m not sure why some people are having trouble. I’m receiving comments so I know it is working for some people? Sorry for your trouble!

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    Hello Samantha :) I had a wonderful visit to your site :) I can’t wait to read more posts. You have done great work with a lot of hard work and dedication :)
    Michelle :)