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Happy Monday!

We’ve got a good one today!

Meet Jeanne of Life in Cleveland.

I was an architect, knitter, and world traveler before my life was happily hijacked by my kids – a fashion obsessed redhead and a baby so chill we nicknamed him the dude. Now I blog mainly about my adventures with them in the city I love, Cleveland, Ohio. But! Also! Despite no longer working in architecture I couldn’t walk away from design completely. So my blog is filled with my creative pursuits – knitting, sewing (attempts), cooking, photography, and my hand painted yarn company, Destination Yarn.

Ireland Hat

My 2.5 Year Olds Thoughts on Project Runway

Maleficent for Halloween

Due to technical difficulties, we got her up late today, so get over there and give her some comment loving!

Oh! Today is the last day to win an amazing Colorado summer camp experience for a child! Only SEVEN entries. You could so win this.


  1. Happy late SITS day! I have a little redhead boy. Love redheads! I too am a knitter. Lately other things like my 2 boys consume my knitting time (in a good way though). I figure when they are in sports I will have plenty of side line knitting time! :)
    Mindi recently posted..Butterfly Happiness

  2. Happy belated SITS day, finally catching up after a hectic week. I must head over though and see more photos of the little redhead. We have one too.
    Brook @ Redhead Reverie recently posted..A {Poop} Sound Bytes of the Week

  3. Happy belated SITS day!!! What a cute family!
    Jenn recently posted..The World is Heavy

  4. On my way!
    Susan in the Boonies recently posted..Spaghetti al Vino Bianco: Spaghetti Cooked in White Wine

  5. Im late, but rollin and callin!
    Leslie recently posted..This Too Shall Pass

  6. Sounds like a really awesome blog, heading over there right now
    Shirley recently posted..{Recipes} Tropical Green Smoothie

  7. I have that episode of “30 Rock” going through my head about how great Cleveland is now. Not complaining. Happy SITS Day!
    Tricia Oakes recently posted..Paco’s Tacos: Charlotte, NC

  8. What a happy little family! Happy SITS day!!!
    Kassi @ Truly Lovely recently posted..Reese’s Pieces Dessert Bars

  9. I’m a day late…SORRY! Bad blogger, bad! LOL.

    Happy SITS day!

  10. I’m late! Happy SITS day!
    Roses Daughter recently posted..Weekending…..

  11. off to check her out, that hat is cool!

  12. off to check her out, that hat is cool!
    Beverly recently posted..I’ll take a Small Frye any day!

  13. Happy SITS Day! Heading to your blog for a visit.
    heysheila recently posted..Color Splash :: Yellow

  14. Happy SITS day
    Laura recently posted..Time out

  15. Happy SITs day. Little late to the party.
    Leigh Powell Hines (@Hinessightblog) recently posted..Simplicity on Mondays: The 15-Minute Fresh Pasta Skillet Meal

  16. Hope you have fantastic readership on your SITS day.
    Student Mom recently posted..Five Minute Friday – Real… again

  17. I often don’t get a chance to get on until late anyway, so I didn’t even know the difference. =)

    I WISH we lived in colorado! I would be all over that giveaway!
    Missy recently posted..90 Days with Jesus

  18. Hope you’re day was great…I’m a little late in responding here… :)
    Andrea @ No Doubt Learning recently posted..I Have a New Web-Home

  19. Happy SITS Day! Heading over to your blog now…
    Deanna @ Little Green Bow recently posted..a golf tournament for melanoma

  20. Happy SITS Day – I can’t wait to read about your child’s thoughts on Project Runway; love that show.

  21. Off to visit!
    Jean Lynd recently posted..Our April Birchbox Winner!

  22. Happy SITS day from a fellow (former) Ohioan!
    Jester Queen recently posted..SITS Girls Spring Fling

  23. Another great start to a new week! Heading over now!
    Leslie recently posted..{Inspiration Board} Mother’s Day 2012

  24. Love all the recipes and crafts! And your kids are adorable!
    Motherhood on the Rocks recently posted..WHAT THE HELL WAS WALT DISNEY THINKING?!

  25. Off to visit!
    Sandy recently posted..Random Things

  26. What a great blog!!
    Dee recently posted..Just like your smile

  27. What a great blog!!
    Dee recently posted..Just like your smile

  28. I think that I have never been to Ohio, although Daddy went to college there and my cousin got married there!
    Sorta Southern Single Mom recently posted..He’s Just as Nutty as the Rest of Us!

  29. While I don’t knit, I have a friend who does. I’ll have to share your site with her! :>
    Karen @ Time Crafted recently posted..Thawing out from a blog freeze!

  30. Cool! I’d love to learn more about Cleveland other than the constant jokes made about it on TV and in movies!
    Shasta Kearns Moore recently posted..Our therapy trip to California

  31. I really, really enjoyed reading your blog and became a follower. it’s very good. :) Happy SITS day!
    lucy recently posted..Where you will find me at parties

  32. Sounds fun! Happy SITS Day!
    Cheryl recently posted..First Birthday Party – Under The Sea

  33. So happy to see another creative mommy shining her light! Awesome blog!

  34. I get a late start here on the west coast.
    Jen recently posted..How I got here

  35. Technical difficulties on a Monday? – it’s just all part of the welcome mat that is this week! Off to visit Cleveland!
    Beth (OMG! Yummy) recently posted..Agave-sweetened Pecan Coconut Granola – The Marriage of Two Great Recipes

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