Life in the Woods

I always love it when we feature someone I feel like I “know”. Today’s featured blogger and I chat on twitter and email and I just adore her too. Let me introduce you to Susan of Wild Life in the Woods. You will adore her too- I guarantee it.

Meet Susan:

After many years of enjoying life in the big city, we moved our family to the Boonies, where you’ll find us living our Wild Life in the Woods. Living with no one but the deer and the turkeys for neighbors can either drive a girl crazy, drive her to blog, or both. I’m a natural born story teller, and I love sharing the things I’m learning about food, too. So stop by the Boonies for a little visit, where you’ll find food, faith, and fun.

Wild Life in the Woods
Here are some goodies Susan picked out just for you:
Slow Cooker tortilla Soup

Faith: Heartbreak

Fun: Vanity Fair

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  1. says

    I grew up in the boonies, back in Rochester, Michigan. I’m in Texas now. But, you’d never know it was the boonies (with a big emphasis on “was”). Cos guurrrl, the boonies have become citified! It’s astonishing. But, more and more people moved out of Detroit and into the suburbs. And boy, has it ever grown. Thank goodness somebody thought of creating an ordinance that states that no buildings in the downtown are can be over 3 stories tall. Who even knows WHO thought of this, but it was brilliant – I think. Because even though there are a ton of new people who have moved there, it’s still a very charming and quaint looking “little town”.

    I remember right in the heart of town was the old McGregor farm, complete with cows mulling around. Now, there sits the Great Oaks Country Club. Oh well… I’m not mad at ’em. At least there’s no bad side of town. And Lord knows, it could be way worse than a country club.

    Oh, and get this… there’s another ordinance that states you can’t dance within Rochester city limits, either. The nerve. LOL! But, it’s kept the “disco/party down” nightclub vibe out it’s culture.

    Congratulations! I’m glad you were chosen as a FB, even though I don’t really know you.

    I moved to Texas two years ago. So, it was nice to reminisce.
    I’m looking forward to checking out your blog!

  2. says

    We have GOT to be neighbors. I’m now living on 5 acres and find myself wishing we had 25. I love it. I love seeing the deer eating our apples, I love baking pies, and I love playing with our dogs outside. Tons of photo ops. It’s heaven!

    • says

      Peach and tranquility! Love that!
      Actually, I think there even is an adorable picture of my son as a baby daring to eat a peach…and savoring every moment thereof.

  3. Shannon from 'mynewfavoriteday' says

    Happy SITS Day! Looking forward to reading more, it sounds like your new life gives you lots of fodder for your stories!

    • says

      And where there is no fodder, we create the fodder.
      First, make your own bricks out of straw.
      Then, create your bricks out of straw you’ve gathered yourself, right?
      We bloggers slave away to make bricks with no straw, because…it’s what we do!

    • says

      Hey, Ginger, I really appreciate the visit.
      I’m just getting caught up on visiting over 400 blog posts in my Google Reader, what with attending Blissdom, and then coming home and cranking out that featured blogger post, and then having a tornado pass over my house!

    • says

      Isn’t she great? We call her Ursula the Unconcerned. All summer long she’d visit our yard, all alone. She’d stand outside our kitchen door and fill her mouth with birdseed from the bird feeder, and just stand there, watching us and chewing meditatively, as the overflow of birdseed in her mouth spilled to the ground.

      Can you tell her mouth is FULL of birdseed? It looks like she has a chaw of tobacco stuffed in her cheek.

  4. says

    Phew I thought I was never going to get here. Susans blog feels like breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to check it out. Peace.

    • says

      I saw your kind comments about my very bad dogs, and it’s nice to meet a fellow sufferer, Anne.
      Tonight, the Labrador woke me up in the middle of the night, licking himself, and jIngling his collar while he scratched. And now, here I sit, wide awake on the computer in the middle of the night, while he snores peacefully beside me.

      Stupid dog.

      He’s lucky I love him so.

      Or he’d be out on his hiney.

    • says

      Thanks, Classic. I’m hoping that people can relate to the feelings that I express in my writing, no matter where they live. But I wonder if by saying that I live in the Boonies (which I really do!) that I limit my relatability.

      Oh, well…the Pioneer Woman is limping along…even though not everyone lives on a ranch.

      So maybe there’s a place for the voice of a woman who lives in the Boonies.

  5. says

    Just read your Heartbreak posts, and it struck a chord with me. My father recently suffered a heart attack, and it was the scariest thing in the world for me, even though I wasn’t there. He had 2 x 90% blockages in the widowmaker, and three other blockages in other arteries. Makes you realise just how mortal we are. :/

  6. knittinpeace says

    Add me to the Booniesooze fan club! Her blog is one the very few I read regularly. (hugs and high fives my friend)

  7. says

    This is my first time! I’m a SITS newbie and a great intro I have had.

    We call country living the ‘Good Life’ in the UK – and it’s a life I love! Love your writing style. Really relatable. Can’t wait to try your tortillas too.

  8. says

    Just read both of your Heartbreak posts…Wow! I just found out someone one of the kindest people I know passed away suddenly at home of a heart attack. It was shocking and terribly sad. I’m SO glad your your husband didn’t suffer the same fate. Thanks for the read…nice to get to know you.

  9. says

    Happy SITS day! You slow cooker tortilla soup recipe looks amazing! I will definitely have to try out soon.

    p.s. your dogs are adorable :)

    • says

      Vonae, I thank God every day for my husband, and his ability to roast coffee beans that taste even better than Starbucks!
      Because we’ve gotta have good coffee, right?

  10. Stephanie says

    Reading Susan’s blog feels like sitting down in a sunny room with a cup of good coffee and a dear friend. Thank you, SITS Girls, for featuring her!