Jency Talks About Life on the Ranch

Welcome to the weekend! Today Jency from A Rancher’s Wife is our SITS Girl in the Spotlight.

Jency sent in this fun picture of her “girls” and has many more amazing photos to share of her life on the ranch on her blog.

living in the country

A bit more about Jency:

I am a stay at home wife where I… cook, can, clean, blog, scrapbook and wait for my love to come home each night.  I love my rancher boy and our life together.  My blog is just a little something to share with y’all about how hard, amazing, challenging & rewarding this kind of life can be!

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  1. i love the simplicity of it all….some of the most rewarding lifestyles are peaceful simple ones….

  2. Seeing these cows reminds me of my rural roots. I had a “Rurban” upbringing :) Heading over to check out your blog.

  3. Not only is Jency tough out there on the ranch in the -20 degree weather, she is the sweetest girl and such a good friend! Love ya Jency! :)

  4. fun!

  5. Very cool peek inside a whole other life!

  6. I love reading blogs about lives that are so much different than my own. Off to check her out…

  7. I want to live on a ranch! I never thought I would, but I love open spaces.

  8. We have so much in common! (Except the cows). :-)

    It seems I have been reading so many rancher blogs lately. You guys are a wild bunch.

  9. Off to read about life on the ranch!

  10. Happy Monday, ladies! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and had a great start to the week!


  11. What a beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow! It sounds like you have an amazing life on the ranch. The photos are beautiful.

  13. It’s funny that she waits for her husband to come home. I wait for my husband to leave because he messes up my routine and clean house! LOL

  14. wow so interesting! Loved her blog too!

  15. I love blogs that show a different way of life with tons of great pictures like the Alaskan mommy blog that was recently featured and the Texas one too. Great stuff!

  16. I am catching up! YAY! Love the photo of the cows =)

  17. Ohhh I love cows! :)

  18. I had limited internet access this weekend, so now I’m trying to catch up and cute my withdrawals! Going through now to share some Sharefest love :)

    Hope you all had a great weekend. <3

  19. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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