To Live & Diet in L.A.

Welcome back friends! We had a wonderful weekend but are ready to kick things off with our featured blogger, To Live and Diet in L.A.

Hi, I’m Whitney! I’m an L.A. Entertainment Reporter/Host turned Healthy Living Blogger who writes about nutrition, fitness, and lifestyles of the rich and famous over at To Live & Diet in L.A.

On my site you’ll find original healthy recipes, nutrition and fitness tips, workout videos, and interviews with celebrities and health industry professionals. I started the blog as an outlet to report on what I am really passionate about (health and fitness) as opposed to what I was paid to report on (Justin Bieber’s latest antics).

In September, I decided to focus on my passion full-time and am currently going back to school to earn my Master’s in Nutrition and become a Registered Dietician. In the meantime, I remain immersed in the world of entertainment and work to dispel health myths perpetuated by the Hollywood machine, and bring the truth to women everywhere!

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    Thank you so so much to everyone for their sweet comments and to everyone who checked out my blog! Hoping to get to know all of you through your blogs! And a BIG thank you to Tiffany and Francesca for featuring me!!!

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    Great article on how can we make our life easier and smoother by applying few basic changes to our lifestyle.Reading this post is suggesting some very good points to care our diet.Thanks for the article.

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    Happy SITS day and good luck with the studies. What an inspiring blog you haver there. Makes me want to move to LA, but wait then I will have to diet…allot…!

    You photograph so lovely with Jessica Alba, I once sort of met her in the Cayman Islands and she still looks amazing.

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    Hey Whitney,

    That is amazing and inspiring that you’re pursuing your passion full time. I just started my blog and honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming, especially while trying to juggle a full time “day job”, a social life, relationship, etc. but it feels so worth it to have a creative outlet. I’d love to dedicate myself full time to my blog someday; just gotta keep plugging away, right?!

    Anyway, I’ll definitely hop over to your site to check out more posts. I’m just a stone’s throw away in SD. :)

    Nice work!
    Eliza (

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    Not sure how you balance studying for your Masters degree, working, running a blog but I bet it isn’t by scarfing down Clif bars! :) Thanks for your post.

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    How cool is this?! Ok, being an L.A. girlie myself I totally love the conversation you’re starting about eating healthy (even though it can be hard sometimes with kids climbing my legs {and nerves}, but I do try!). Heading to the site now to check out the inspiration!

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    Signing in super late for Roll Call. (It’s been a bear of a day; don’t EVEN ask…)

    Can’t wait to check out your blog — it sounds fun! Congrats on your SITS Day. :-)