Livin’ The Green

So, we all survived Monday {barely}.

I just love today’s featured blogger. What a journey she has been on. She just oozes beauty- both inside and out.

Please welcome Anne of Livin the Green to the SITS Spotlight!

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old, while 8 months pregnant with my third son, I knew I wanted to tweak my diet and way of life. I am in search of a greener, less toxic lifestyle for myself and my family. My blog documents this quest and covers my delicious discoveries, healthy recipes, new studies, sweet finds for natural, non-toxic beauty and skincare and my family. Take a peak and come play in greener pastures with me.

You’ll love these:

The Sweet Life {this one is full of gratitude and perspective. Lovely.}

Detox Glow {Easy and simple way to give your body a boost}.

Matcha Woman {Green is good.}

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    HAPPY SITS DAY! I’m so sorry to hear your about your battle with cancer but I’m so glad it has given you perspective and the ability to share all that you have learned with us! I’m hopping over to your blog n.o.w.!