Spend Less, Save More

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Living frugal is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Today’s featured blogger can help you learn how to do it, too! Say hello to Kristi from Spend Less, Save More.

Spend Less Save More

Here’s what Kristi wants you to know about her blog:

When my family went to one income in 2009, we were forced to take a hard look at our spending habits and find creative ways to cut costs. We had to learn to SPEND LESS and SAVE MORE. This meant, less eating out, more cooked meals, a much less wardrobe budget and shopping at second hand stores and yard sales.  Although I haven’t mastered it all, Spend Less and Save More is my way of passing on what I’ve learned about cutting costs and living on less.

Spend Less, Save More

Here are some of Kristi’s best money-saving posts:

Setting Up A Cash Envelope System is a great way to get started with budgeting.

Economize on your kids’ lunches by reading Saving Time & Money on Lunch.

Throwing a Kids’ Birthday Party On A Budget is a great way to do parties on the cheap.

Are you inspired to save more money? Head over to Spend Less, Save More for even more tips after leaving a short comment for Roll Call here!

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  1. Need this!

  2. We’re on a serious budget. I can’t wait to read your tips

  3. money management is what I’m thinking to master for 2012

  4. Happy SITS Day! Off to your site to get some tips!

  5. Hubby and I are getting back on a budget in January. We’d like for him to change jobs which will mean taking a pay cut. So our plan is to live on that amount in 2012 and increase our savings. I’m looking for all the tips I can find to make that goal happen.

  6. I’m always looking for ways to save money. Looking forward to reading!

  7. Happy SITS day!

  8. Can’t wait! Heading over now:)

  9. Cant wait!! Heading over now:)

  10. Love the cash envelope trick, really helps you not to overspend.

  11. I’m always interested in spending less — especially this time of year. I’ve been searching out blogs that have gift ideas on the cheap.
    I hope everyone is back into the work-week swing of things post-Thanksgiving!

  12. Interesting featured blogger during the spending holidays ;)

  13. What helpful tips & boy do I need them right now! Can’t wait to check them out :)

  14. Looks like this is the perfect time I year for those tips

  15. It’s all about the budget…off to read!

  16. Congrats on your SITS day! Sounds like your blog has some tips for everyone :D Looking forward to reading more about frugal living!

  17. Love learning how to save!!!

  18. Happy happy SITS day!! I’m off to your blog to read, see you there!! :-)

  19. Ooh, I need this.

  20. Saving money is always a good thing! Happy SITS day, going over to check out your blog now!

  21. Happy Tuesday!

  22. Great tips–I think we all can use these nowadays!!

  23. Yes, I need to read this!

  24. I definitely need to do the envelope system!!

  25. always looking for ways to save more!

  26. Definitely need this. WE have been hit very badly since things turned a few years ago & at our age, hard to make up the losses from that crash….

  27. Considering my post today, I feel like the universe may be talking to me by giving me you! Happy SITS day to you and am on my way to gather some learnings:)

  28. I love money-saving tips!!!!

  29. Perfect time of year for today’s featured blog. Very interested in reading more about her systems.

  30. On my way!

  31. What a good blog to find right before Christmas. We all spend too much this time of year…right? right?

  32. Happy SITS Day!!

  33. Hope you are having a great day

  34. I so need to learn to be more frugal.

  35. Excellent! And needed at these time of year. Hopping on over!

  36. Happy Tuesday everyone^^
    uh…I’m not really good at keeping my dough together…so I there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement.

  37. I always say: It’s not about how much you make. It’s about how you spend it.

  38. Great birthday party ideas folks…that post is a must read.

    In a world were so much is about who drives the newest vehicle, wears the nicest clothes, or adorns their home in the most stylish decor, it’s quite refreshing to read about other moms who are making it work with less. thanks!

  39. Good Morning…sorry I have been absent. I am always excited to learn ways to spend less money

  40. Roses daughter says:

    Definanetly headed over to this blog! I need help! Lol!

  41. I think this is a blogger who speaks to us all, especially this time of year when spending can get a bit ridiculous. Off to check her out now!

  42. I’m excited to read her tips! Happy SITS day! :)


  43. Yep, we are trying to stay on budget this holiday season too and it is hard. My husband and I decided not to give each other gifts and we have a set amount for each person on our list. I have a feeling that when it comes down to the wire, we might end up fudging a little.

  44. Looking forward to some great tips and tricks on saving :) Every penny helps when it comes to the stiletto fund :)

  45. Yes, being frugal is the way to go, haha. Love tips for spending on a budget!

  46. Going to go over and say hi to our FB! :)

  47. Even though budget is not my favorite word I know it’s needed . Thanks for the great tips

  48. I can always use more tips & inspiration on saving money :)

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

  49. Heh we just hit this wall recently ourselves though not by choice! I’m all for saving money so I’m off to check out more.

  50. The perfect blog for this time of year. We are trying so hard to stay on budget as the holidays approach but man is it hard! I so wish we would just win the lottery!

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