Four Plus An Angel

Today’s featured blogger is a lovely writer who I have the pleasure of knowing (even if just from Twitter!).  She writes posts both heartfelt and funny about motherhood, the loss of a child, having a child with autism, and so much more. Please welcome Jessica from Four Plus An Angel.

Four Plus An Angel

Here’s a little bit about Jessica and her blog:

Jessica is living her dream, almost. She is the stay at home mom to five, four in her arms and one in her heart. Blogging about lessons learned after the loss of her daughter and the daily chaos of a house almost full had reignited her passion for writing.  In her four years of blogging, she has gone from just putting one foot in front of the other, to loving her days (as long as they start with coffee and end with wine).

Four Plus An Angel

Three of Jessica’s favorite posts are:

The Mom Tattoo – we wear our role all over ourselves!

An amazing, heartfelt letter to her child in heaven: A Tribute to You

What Autism Does Not See calls out some of the perfect moments.

After you Roll Call here, head over to Four Plus An Angel for more of Jessica’s story!

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  1. Yay! I love reading new views on autism. Your writing is beautiful and moving.

  2. I look forward to reading your beautiful blog!

  3. Beautiful. Off to your site now.

  4. Hi! I’m not sure if my comment went through–just wanted to say Happy SITS day to you, and Happy Thanksgiving as well. :)

  5. Happy Sits day to you! Can’t wait to see more of your blog!

  6. Wow – going to her site and going to definitely read about her angel in heaven!!

  7. Better late than never, right? I like this blog already and I’ve only seen one post so far.

  8. The title is super touching. Looking forward to reading more!

  9. Happy SITS day Jessica! You are one of the best out there!

  10. Here! Congrats too!

  11. I did not know what a SITS day was – now I do so I will go read your post! Congratulations!!

  12. I’m a bit late in saying it, but: Congrats on your SITS day!

  13. late but here!

  14. Happy SITS Day! This is one I already read! :)

  15. A SITS feature that could not have happened to a more deserving blogger. Congrats, Jessica!

  16. I love Jessica! So excited for her to be featured.

  17. Oh, I am pleased beyond belief that Jessica is the featured blogger here today. What an amazing, strong, kind, and supportive blogger she is. CONGRATS ON YOUR SITS DAY, GIRLY!!!! You totally deserve this day in the spotlight and hope you are visited by a whole flock of new readers.


  18. Happy SITS day!

  19. Happy Sits Day! heading over now!

  20. Happy Hump day!

  21. Congrats on your feature!!! that is so awesome! I am heading over to your blog right now to read through it, and I am excited!!

  22. Happy SITS Day, Jessica! I love that picture – gorgeous.

  23. A little late getting to this one but better late than never:-)

  24. Happy SITS day! :D

  25. What a great feature today!

  26. Congrats on your SITS day! It’s nice to “meet” you!

  27. Your blog sounds very interesting. Going to read it now:-)

  28. Yay! I’m a fan of Jessica and admire her greatly – congratulations!

  29. Congrats on being Featured!!!

  30. Congrats on being featured! Your blog and your story is amazing, I look forward to reading more!

  31. Roses daughter says:

    Happy SITS day!!

  32. Oooh! Jessica is an amazing blogger. Congrats on your feature!!

  33. I can already tell that this one is going to make me cry. On my way, wish me luck!

  34. What an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing!

  35. Happy SITS day! Congrats on your feature.

  36. I love everything about this feature! My girlfriend is pregnant after the loss of her first and I sent her right on over as she’s experiencing some anxiety over being in her 9th month. Thank you for continuing to write and for finding the beauty in life in spite what you’ve experienced. There are no words. But, I’m glad you are writing such an awesome blog!


  37. Jessica is a beautiful blogger. Happy SITS day Jessica!

  38. I love, LOVE Jessica. She is honest, open, inspiring, and her tweets about her kids are funny!

    So happy to see her featured here today…

  39. Tears are swelling my eyes already, I know it will be good.

  40. looking forward to getting to know Jessica!

  41. Love the title of your blog! On my way to check it out right now! Congratulations on your SITS day Jessica and thank you so much for keeping your child in your life. We lost a baby this past June, I’ll never forget her.

  42. Happy SITS…off to see her site!

  43. Looking forward to today’s blog – heading straight to the post about autism.

  44. So happy to see you featured here, Jessica!

  45. Happy SITS day! Off to read your blog!!

  46. Congratulations on your SITS feature! :)

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