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Today’s feature blogger is sharing their family adventures and life lessons.

Come join in the fun at Macdonald’s Playland!

I am Pamela, my husband is Scott, and our sweet daughter is Lilly-Jade. Together, we make up the Macdonalds. We started our blog in 2011 all because we wanted to start documenting life in our land. We titled it “Macdonald’s Playland” because…well…”Macdonald”…”land” … “play”.. umm…”play” … “land…”. Er. YEA. I know you get it. Clever, right?? Also, it happens to have a twist off a popular fast-food franchise that I may or may not like to go to after a “work out.”

Anyway, come keep up with our adventures, our thoughts on parenthood, our thoughts on each other, our thoughts on __(insert topic here)__, life lessons, new photos (most of which will be of our child..she’s just too cute!), etc. We super duper love each other and our family is quite the trio…life is beautiful because we have each other.

Here are 3 favorite posts from MacDonald’s Playland:


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  1. Running WAY behind!

  2. cute blog title!

  3. Love checking out your blog! So adorable!

  4. happy SITS day! what a cute blog and beautiful family you have.

  5. What an adorable little girl! Looks like y’all had a fabulous New Years. Best wishes for a wonderful 2013!

  6. What an adorable baby girl! Looks like y’all had a fabulous New Years! Best wishes for a wonderful 2013!

    Diary of a Debutante

  7. Such an adorable baby girl! Hope y’all had a wonderful New Years!

    Diary of a Debutante

  8. Happy Sits day! Come join me to give the world your 2012 in review!

  9. Lilly-Jade is so adorable!
    Happy New Year


  10. I hope you are having a Happy New Year in the play land! Your daughter is adorable.

  11. Hope you had an awesome SITS day. Also a great Chirstmas and a marvelous New Year. LOL. All in one comment!

    • it’s been a great time at SITS :) Thank you so much!
      Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy holidays! ;D haha

  12. I love blogs like this. What an adorable family! Happy SITS day and Happy New Year too. :)

  13. Happy SITS Day! The how I told my husband I was pregnant is great!

  14. Congrats on your feature! Can’t wait to check out your blog! :)


  15. Happy New Year!

  16. What a beautiful family! Happy New Year everyone!

  17. Very cute FB today – can’t wait to read more! I decided to end the year with a couple of lists. Come see the top ten canvases of the year:)!

  18. What a lovely picture and great blog title…brings a smile to my face

  19. Happy SITS day(s).

  20. Hope you had a great SITS DAY! Heading over!

  21. Hope you had a great SITS day and holiday! I’m still trying to get caught up here…lol! =)

  22. Oh and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :)

  23. Can’t wait to read more!

  24. I just joined SITS today and you are the first blogger I’ve commented on! :D Your daughter is beautiful. I love her eyes!

  25. Hi all the way from Scotland! Your blog is lovely, filled with cute pictures & your shop is also adorable! Hope your enjoying the holidays & your feature!

    Mrs Browns

    • My husband’s background is Scottish :) He would love to visit there some time! Thank you for visiting our blog and for the sweet comment!!
      Happy New Year!

  26. Very sweet!Looking forward toreading more . . .

  27. Cute family.

  28. Hope your Christmas was just as precious as your daughter. BB2U

  29. Your little girl is such a cutie! Happy SITS day

  30. Checking in!

  31. Love that pic!

  32. Hope everyone is having a good holiday!

  33. Good morning, SITStahs. Hope everyone is having a great day!

  34. {Kathy} What an adorable family you have! Going over to visit now. Happy SITS day!

  35. Heading over to play catch up.

  36. I love the cute title for your blog and how it ties into your last name :) Before I read your intro. I was thinking it really was about McDonalds…haha. I am headed over to check out your blog now! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

    • haha just slightly different from McDonald’s…though I’m sure I’d talk about it every once in awhile in the blog.
      Thanks so much! Hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful 2013!

  37. I hope your Sits day was great and I bet Christmas with that adorable little girl was just wonderful!

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