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Help me welcome today’s feature blogger Andrea from Made Simple and Sweet whose sharing her passion for creativity!

Hello SITS world! I am super excited to be a featured blogger with the SITS girls! I’m Andrea! I am a young professional with a DIY, fashion finds, cake decorating and recipes blog. I have always been a lover of all things creative and started my blog as a way to express my passion.

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  1. Congrats on being featured! I’m excited to learn new things on your blog.

  2. Happy Sits Day, looking forward to seeing your creative ideas!!

  3. Happy SITS day! Looking forward to visiting you!

  4. Ohhh… Another Creative Cookie! I wish I was one of you… LOL

    Happy SITS Day! :)

  5. Happy SITS Day! Heading over to check your posts.

  6. Happy SITS day! It’s great that you started blogging to share your creativity with us. I’m heading over, but I’m late as usual. :-)

  7. Running a bit behind, but still had to check out another crafty foodie blogger.

  8. Happy SITS Day! Off to check you out!

  9. Happy SITS day – a day late! :) Looking forward to heading over to your site!

  10. Happy Sits Day!

  11. Happy SITS Day! :-) Well belated SITS day! :-)

  12. Love your blog. Happy SITS Days!

  13. Hi Andrea and happy SITS Day! On my way over now and congratulations!

  14. Happy sits day…

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