The Projected Progenitor

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to a great 2012. We’re starting it off with a great featured blogger today. She blogs anonymously with her husband about their struggle to conceive a child and male infertility…and now, pregnancy! Welcome The Projected Progenitor!

The Projected Progenitor

Here’s what the Projected Progenitor says about her blog:

Nature said no, science said yes. This is the chronicle of one couple’s quest to conceive, birth and parent extremely awesome progeny. (Though even tolerable progeny would do.) Infertile. Pregnant-post-IVF-miracle. Snarky. Hi!


Her must-read posts are:

Figuring out what baby might look like in Morphology.

Why It’s Ok to Be #2 or 10 or Whatever is a letter written to the then still-to-be-conceived child.

The moments surrounding a few positive pregnancy tests in Pregnancy – and other shots in the dark.

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About Alina Thomas

Alina is a Virginia wedding photographer based out of Lynchburg, VA. She has a passion for arts and design, and strives to express it through her work. She is creative at heart and loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge in photography with other Virginia wedding photographers on her blog each week. Alina loves being a new mom to her first-born and spending time with her husband who helps her run her businesses. Please feel free to follow her on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+.
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    love this blogger! what an honest and well-written look at such a difficult subject to write about – thank you for sharing her with us!

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    Oh wow. I can only imagine what the last few years have been like, but I’m so curious to read about it. I’m happy to hear that you are pregnant now though, and look forward to reading about the months ahead!