Does life ever leave you feeling a little stressed out? Most of us can probably answer that with a big YES!

Head on over to Mama.Mommy.Mom where she talks about living the stressed out, in-over-her-head life but also loving everything life throws at her.

Have you ever felt stressed out, in over your head or just plain spent? That’s life for Jamie Rippy at Mama.Mommy.Mom. The totally stressed out, in-over-her-head, professional nothing spends her time cooking, taking pictures, doing crafts, blabbing about her kids and life in general, all around the 45 hour work week of her full-time job, her kids’ schedules and the curve balls life loves to throw.

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Living Mi Vida Loca
The Red Buffalo's Road


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    I am catching up on my SITS blogging reading because i am on vacation and decided to let the electronics go away for a few days. I am so glad i went back to check out the blogs I missed.

    I love your blog and i am following you on FB. I am not in that particular “Mommy” space right now, because my 2 boys are 21 and 16 yo. But I remember those days well. Glad i got to check you out!

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    It’s all just about getting through each day as best as you can hoping you don’t mess up too badly! My Mum always said “Get up, do you best, sleep, repeat”. Happy SITS day, I’m late, as usual, I hope it went really well.

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    I’m already in love with you description and your blog image…can’t wait to go see your space in Blogland….I hope your SITSDay was wonderful!

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    Belated congrats on your SITS day! I can totally related to the repeated mom-ing that comes from kids! I will head over and take a look at your blog…cheers!

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    Hi Jamie, happy SITS day! Just visited your blog and saw your post How to Build Your Own Deck Stair Gate {Backyard Safety} very nice post! I love that kind of project. Wish you the best with your blog!

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    I remember my mom! She works full time everyday and when she gets home she really finds time to take good care for us. She cooks delicious foods for us and bond with us and cuddle with us as if she isn’t tired from work. I really love her!

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    Your blog description sounds like my life, every. single. day! Love your cheerful spirit and your craftiness! Happy SITS Day!