Misadventures with Andi

It’s Friday! Before you start your weekend meet today’s featured blogger Misadventures with Andi!

I am a travel blogger who lives for eating! A social media manager by day and completely addicted blogger by night, weekends and any other spare moment, I blog daily to keep sane! I get myself into situations, which I always meet with a smile…hell, it’s blog fodder! Can’t wait to meet you all!

Andi recommends these 3 posts:

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    Happy SITS day (a few days later). Loved your post on social media and the tips on giveaways. I have yet to do that. I read several of your travel and felt I was actually there between the description and the photos! I would likely love to travel…but lately only in my mind…your blog made it all real!!
    The Garden Goat

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    Happy SITS day, late, as I always am. So excited to read a non mom-blog (even though I am a mom-blogger)!

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    Your blog is SO interesting! And I LOVE the design! The social media icons are so cute. :)

    Happy belated SITS day! :)