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Good morning! Give a warm welcome to our fellow SITStah Mommy’s Bundle!

Hi, I’m Ana! First-time mom to a little rambunctious bundle of joy…with another one on the way! As a rookie mom, I blog about all the things new moms encounter and try to make sense of from pregnancy to toddlerhood. My posts range from personal baby milestones to essential tips and product reviews new parents are searching for.

All-in-all my hope is to share my learnings as a new mother for other mothers looking to find some real answers.

Hope you will stop by, connect and share your wisdom too!

Favorite Posts:

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    Hope you had a happy SITS day! We are hoping for baby #2 this year too, congrats on your two beautiful blessings!

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    Happy New Year everyone! Trying to get back on track with my blogging – seem to be starting off 2014 with a writer’s block so I am doing some visiting instead!

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    Given that the Sochi Olympics are just around the corner, I especially enjoyed your post on preparing for motherhood as similar to training for the Olympics! Not sure what sport I would excel in, but I think we moms would definitely get on that podium!

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      Wow, that’s so great that you’ve kept at it Meredith! It can be so challenging in the beginning!