Motherhood on the Rocks

It’s Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday!

Help me welcome todays featured blogger Motherhood on the Rocks!

I launched Motherhood on the Rocks in January 2012 after 10 years in the fast-paced world of advertising and public relations. I now spend my days changing diapers, wiping boogies and blogging about motherhood. Because even I can’t complain all the time, you’ll also find recipes for the lazy (aka me), money and time-saving ideas, and product and book reviews. So pour yourself a drink and join me as I try to slog my way through this misty bog called motherhood – sometimes it pulls you under like quicksand and other times it opens up to a beautiful, serene lake, serving as a reminder of the reason you don’t change your name and move to a remote location.

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  1. Belated Happy Sits day!!!

  2. love your icon! looking forward to reading more :)

  3. Happy SITS day. I am heading to check out your little corner of blogland ;-)

  4. Happy {belated} SITS Day, off to visit!

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    I’m all snuggled in and ready to check out your blog!

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