Mothering From Scratch

Time to find our own recipe to mothering with a little help from the lovely ladies at Mothering From Scratch!

Do you feel like you’re mothering from scratch? Many of us grew up without a healthy mom role model to guide us in their mothering. Through well-chosen resources all of us can learn to find our own recipe — one that works for us and our families. The Good Book is our cookbook. With more than 33 years combined experience in the mothering mix, we felt we might have something valuable, or at the very least amusing, to contribute to the pot.

Kathy (the redhead ) mothers four kids ranging in age from late teens to early elementary years. Melinda (the brunette) is mother to an adorable middle-school-aged son and a beautiful and entertaining teenage daughter.

Kathy & Melinda recommend these 3 posts:

Go visit Kathy & Melinda at Mothering From Scratch and share the comment love! Don’t forgot to comment below for roll call!


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About Featured Blogger

A featured blogger post on The SITS Girls is our way of putting a spotlight on bloggers everywhere. Be sure to comment both on our site and head over to the featured blogger's site!


  1. Omg, that photo of the baby in the pot is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long while. Heading over now – sorry so late!

  2. What a fun blog concept! I love the idea. Happy SITS day

  3. A belated Happy Sits Day!

  4. Happy SITS Day!

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  6. I just love you guys… happy SITS Day!

  7. Such an awesome concept for a blog! I have a good friend that grew up with a negative mother figure and I think a site like this is great for women in her shoes when motherhood is upon them. In a way, I’m sure we all have to figure out what works best for us… but a little guidance never ever hurts! Keep up the awesome work :)


    • {Melinda} Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement, Sarah! You are so right — we all need guidance regardless of the quality of mothering we received! A lot is trial and error, but we can definitely learn from others’ mistakes. We’ll check out your blog, too!

  8. Happy SITS Day! I’m heading over to check out your blog. The cute baby in the pot got me!!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful site so I’m off to check it out!

    TracyAnn from and

  10. Love the blog title! I hope you both had a great SITS day! =)

  11. Happy SITS Day!

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  13. I really like your blog layout with the posts scrolling. I also found your content useful being a non-mom. :)


  14. Your blog looks cute. I’m headed over to check it out!

  15. Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve read a blogger who has such a beautiful and clear voice. Just a pleasure to read these posts!!!!

  16. Love your blog name…happy sits day..

  17. Happy SITS day!!! We mommies ROCK!!!

  18. Happy SITS Day! I love your the title of your blog and I can’t wait to check it out!

  19. Happy SITS Day! I love how your voice of reason, and especially how you tie in scripture. Looking forward to following your work when I need that boast of inspiration from veteran moms (I’m a confused first time mother).

  20. Heading over….looks like a lot of info I need to read!

  21. Happy day! I think even if we had the best mom in the world it wouldn’t matter. Mothering is constantly evolving. Can’t wait to read….

    • {Melinda} So true! We all have to figure out what works best for us and our families as our circumstances and our kids are constantly changing. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! :)

  22. great theme/idea for your blog – heading over now! happy SITS day :)

  23. Congrats on your day. Hope it brings great blessings to you both!

  24. Sorry I’m late to the party. Happy SITS Day!

  25. Happy SITS day!

  26. So excited to read your posts!

  27. I am LOVING the name of your blog – how fun and interesting!!! Thank you for your post about having children; as a young woman who does not have them yet but thinks about the pros and cons, it was a must read!! Happy SITS day!

    • {Melinda} Thank you, Danielle! Yes, there is much to know before you have little ones, but you can never fully prepare. :) Eventually, you just have to dive in! It’s hard, but also so wonderful! Thanks so much for stopping by to see us!

  28. Heading over now! Happy SITS day! I recognize you two from Mom Colored Glasses! Too cool!

  29. Happy SITS day! Your blog sounds wonderful! I have kids from high school down to preschool.

    Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa

  30. Sounds great.

  31. Hope you enjoy your day!

  32. I love the post about character change-so true!

  33. So cool! I need a blog like this to read… Happy SITS day!!

  34. Happy SITS day! I look forward to reading the posts you listed!

  35. Looking forward to stopping by! Happy SITS Day. :)

  36. Love that baby in the pot. lol

  37. Love these gals! Happy SITS day!

  38. I love these ladies! Already a huge fan of Mothering from Scratch–hope you guys have a terrific SITS day!

  39. Happy SITS day! :-)

  40. Happy SITS day to you both! Such a cute website with some really inspiring, and hilarious, posts.

  41. YAY! I soooo love their blog! They’re my heroes! Happy SITS Day! I am so happy I made it and stopped by today! It’s being hard to get back into blogging! :)

    Have fun!

  42. Loving the picture in your logo! Great blog title and I’ll head on over. Happy SITS Day!

  43. Love these post titles – looking forward to checking out these blogs!!

  44. Happy SITS DAY!!!


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