Mrs. Garden Girl: Modern Urban Homesteader

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you our very own Modern Urban Homesteader. Michelle lives just outside the Big Apple and manages to do the things Urban Homesteaders do! At Mrs. Garden Girl, you’ll find posts about things Michelle enjoys like reading, gardening, cooking, baking, and sewing. Let’s give Michelle a warm SITS welcome!

Tell us about your blog. Does the title describe what we can expect when we visit?  
My blog is really all about urban homesteading.  It is about my website .  I cover everything from gardening, cooking/baking, making your own clothes, raising chicken hens, conserving energy and being more self-sufficient.

You are a gardener.  How long have you been gardening and what is your favorite thing about gardening?
My husband and I have been gardening for 4 years now.  My favorite thing about gardening is the sense of security it gives me.  I know that whatever is going on in the world and the rising food costs that I have fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and eggs to feed myself and my family.  I know there are no pesticides or hormones pumped into it.  It is all organically grown.  We also make our own compost so I also know what is in our soil.  We save all the seeds for next year’s crop and we dry all the herbs for use all winter long.  It is very satisfying.  I only wish we had a longer growing season.

What is your favorite thing to grow?  Why?
Some of my favorite things to grow are tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, berries, potatoes, broccoli and carrots.  There is nothing like the taste of fresh homegrown produce.  Gardening is fun, its gets me outside soaking up the sun and reminds me to eat and live a healthier lifestyle.  It is comforting to be able to walk out my back door with a basket on my arm and pick dinner for the night. It is also interesting to learn the different ways each plant grows.

What is your favorite thing to make with freshly grown produce?
I love to make Ratatouille Wraps with all our fresh veggies and herbs.  I have our recipe on the blog.  We usually put them in a tortilla and make wraps but you can also serve it over rice, pasta or even use it as a topping on a homemade pizza.  They are delicious and healthy!

Do you can?  If so, do you have any tips to help those of us who want to start?
Yes, we can and pickle.  It is best to use the freshest ingredients when you are going to can/pickle to help seal in the flavor and keep it fresher longer.  Homemade pickles and fresh tomato sauce are always major staples in my home along with fruit jams, chutneys and salsas. When buying items from the supermarket, try to buy things in glass so you can re-use the glass later for pickling. The tops will be air sealed once you process them in a hot water bath.   Canning makes great gifts too.  Handmade gifts are truly from the heart.  Anyone can go to the mall for a gift but making something with your hands and sharing that gift with a loved one is much more personal and special.

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  1. says

    I just started growing my own basil and rosemary and hope to branch out to more herbs some day. Can’t wait to check out your blog and get tips!


  2. says

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog. It means so much to have the kind of support SITS has shown me. We women need to stick together and help each other out when we can. I hope you all enjoyed my blog and will visit me often.

    Thanks again,

    garden girl

  3. says

    Oh. My. GOODNESS! I only wish my garden could look half that amazing! I have been looking to learn more about Urban Farming. I love this!!

  4. Roses daughter says

    Love your Garden! Wish I could grow one, but I kill potted plants! Lol

  5. says

    I love this! I’m trying to get a garden started sometime this Spring. I would love to save some money and get the satisfaction that I can grow something! lol

  6. says

    This looks really neat. We are only on year two of gardening and have a lot to learn. I bought the Square Foot Gardening book so I hope next year will be better.

  7. says

    Is it wrong to say I skipped right to the photos of the dog and cat? I’m better with animals than I am with plants. Off to check out your blog!

  8. Jennifer says

    She has the best vegetables. As a friend, I have been lucky enough to sample several things from her garden including eggs from her chickens. She’s even inspired me to plant a small garden at home. I am considering getting my own chickens because the eggs are unbelieveable and she has provided so much information on getting started. I love the picture of Alley. Great blog.

  9. says

    I want a garden badly. My boyfriend created an area for me and he even cut it back (it had over grown) this year, but I still haven’t planted anything. I’m afraid of the slugs (we got TONS this year) eating everything. We also have several fruit trees, so this year I ventured into pie baking. Next year, I’m hoping to start planting. I’ll have to learn the logistics of planting, but I’m going to do it this time. Thanks for the inspiration. Looks like I’ll be checking out this blog for tips and tricks in the future.

  10. says

    Oh wow, I am in love with your gardening madness!!! Hopping over to your blog now…

    I started a garden for my daughter, and well… I could use some tips! :) Xx

  11. says

    Oh so cool! I keep saying I’m going to plant a garden, but never do. Maybe your blog will give me enough tips and motivation to finally do it. Look forward to reading!

  12. says

    Oh I wish I had a green thumb :-) but I make up for it in the kitchen! Loved the ratatouille post – very creative. Happy Jewish New Year to all who observe! L’shanah tova!

  13. says

    What an amazing looking blog! I can’t wait to go check it out. I’m always looking for new ways to make life more sustainable and efficient. Congrats on being featured today!

  14. says

    I find it very interesting to learn more about self sufficiency. We have moved so far away from that. Happy SITS day!

    • says

      Its so true. We have kinda gotten off track a little bit. I am just trying to go back to those way. I guess I am an old soul at heart!

  15. says

    Wow, my gardening skills are pretty pathetic! I’m so impressed by those who have a natural inclination and love for gardening. I’ll be looking for some tips here!

  16. says

    You are so awesome. I love people who are creative and energetic and actually follow through with doing really cool things. Okay, I’m inspired to try another vegetable garden next year…. I think I saw a pic of a chicken up above, so I’m going to go scan your site for chickens!

  17. Alissa says

    I just had to comment, gorgeous pictures and dog! I have had westies my entire life, love them!

  18. says

    Ah, you are so cool! Moving to a new house with land soon and I know I will need gardening tips badly. You rock!

  19. says

    I am so jealous right now!! I’ve been dying to start a garden… maybe some day when I’m not in an apartment :( Looking forward to living vicariously through her though!

  20. says

    Your garden in beautiful. Showing my babies how to grow our own vegetable and fruits is definitely a priority for us in the coming year. As we are planning our new landscape design, I will definitely be able to refer to your blog as we develop out the veggie garden space. Thank you!

  21. says

    The pictures are so beautiful and the blog topic is incredibly timely! Thanks for all of your insights Michelle. As I stare at my yard, I’m excited to discover more of your ideas and suggestions…

  22. says

    Awesome! Beautiful pics! You blog is so inspiring it makes me sad I moved into a high-rise with no balcony :-(…I’m going to try to get my building to put a garden on the roof. This is more inspiration for that!

    • says

      Hi Jamie,

      A rooftop garden is a great idea. If you want I can do some research to try to locate a community garden near you?

  23. says

    I saw that picture of that stove and fell in love! Beautiful! Today I posted about the preciousness of our time. It’s a cute canvas! Come see me!