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Today’s feature blogger is joining us all the way from London!

Love that her blog reminds her to stop and reflect on the positive.

Welcome Alex from My Froley!

Hi, my name is Alex and I live in London, UK.

My blog focuses on the positive things in every day life. If you come over you can expect to find lots of big photographs, recipes, art & crafts and a peek into life in London.

I love blogging because it’s my regular creative outlet. I work in the city by day, and by night I attend university studying for a degree, all this paired with being a single mother means life can get very busy. My blog motivates me to take daily breaks to reflect on the positive and capture the beauty in this fast paced life we live in.

I hope you will come by today and say hi. I love meeting other bloggers :-)

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    Congratulations on being featured! Can’t wait to check it out. Knowing you’re from the UK, I’m sure I’ll be reading everything with an accent. :)

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    I am originally from London and can’t wait to head over to your blog and read more! Also love to make crafts out of loo rolls so will be checking those out, too!

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    Congrats on your SITS day! Can’t wait to read your blog and learn about life in England. I love to travel and London is on the top of my list of places i MUST see.

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    Happy SITS day a few days late. loving the pictures of London and I share with you that your blog your creative outlet and the way you take a step back and reflect on the positive things in your day. That’s why I started my blog too and found it to be a lot cheaper and more inspiring than therapy :). I have enjoyed being part of the blogging community and meeting others I would not have otherwise. Glad to meet ya!

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    HAPPY SITS DAY TO YOU from Georgia, USA

    I visited London many years ago and it is definitely one of my defining moments. Going to check out your blog now!

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    Happy belated SITS day, I saw this yesterday and meant to comment but was at work and forgot when I got home. Wow, you sound like a busy lady! I love to find bloggers from UK (especially as you live in London as I’m not a million miles away so can relate) as so many are from USA (which is wonderful too). I look forward to checking out your blog.

    Kate :)

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    I used to live in London and miss it very much. If I could bring the weather I enjoy in California with me, I’d be back in a heartbeat!

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      Haha I know what you mean it’s -3 degrees today !!! Probably why I spend so much time in CA too, heading over for 2 months this summer :-) looking forward to it

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    Happy SITS day – your daughter is beautiful – I juggle a lot with blogging too and it always amazes me when someone also adds children to the mix. You must be very organized :)

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      I try to be organised, but by nature I am actually very disorganised. My trick is to do every thing really quickly which leaves more time for studying and blogging (plus I’m experienced at multi-tasking). Good luck with everything on your plate !

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    Happy SITS Day! Can’t wait to read your blog, so far I’m looking at your pictures of London & they are gorgeous!