Living with Chronic Illness

So, how was your weekend? I spent mine at the fields watching 11 year old boys play baseball. And, I think I got too much sun. Boo.

Today’s featured blogger is a lovely lady, Kerri, who shares her journey with chronic illness.

I started blogging for cheap therapy, and it kind of snowballed from there! I love writing, and blogging, and sharing my story about living with a chronic illness called Myasthenia Gravis. I want people to know I’m just a normal person on the inside, and encourage other people with chronic illness that they can have a GOOD life. My faith and ability to see the humor in things keep me going!

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So, do you thing. Leave a comment below to roll call. Then, head over to Kerri’s place and show her the comment lovin’!

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  1. says

    Hey Kerri,

    Congratulations! I understand… the chronic illness thing.
    Long story. I’ll share a little about it when I get to your website/blog.
    Nice to eMeet you. Wasn’t able to catch up with you yesterday… too many things going on (new client stuff). Better a day later than not at all!

    See you on your site…

  2. says

    Happy Monday afternoon everyone. Already looking forward to Tuesday.

    Heading over to her blog now… My mom also suffered form a chronic illness.

  3. says

    I know nothing about this disease but I look forward to knowing you as a person and learning a bit about your journey.


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    Morning … oops make that good afternoon everyone. Off to read today’s blogger and to see what everyone else is talking about today. Have a great Monday.

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    Happy SITS day Kerri! I’m excited to read your blog. I too have struggled with chronic illness. I suffer from severe migraines. They come and go. I’m so grateful for chiropractic care that has really made a difference. Happy Monday!

  6. says

    Happy Monday. Spent the weekend organizing 12 bins of baby clothes for a garage sale…
    Off to check out the site!