NYC Fit Food Fashion!

Fitness, Food and Fashion? Yes, all three can go hand in hand and our featured blogger NYC Fit Food Fashion is going to telling us all about it!

Hey SITS Girls! My name is Joanne and I blog over at NYC Fit Food Fashion! I have always been interested in writing and sharing my passions of Fitness Food and Fashion. I started my blog almost a year ago and so far it has been a really great adventure. Please check out my blog and I hope that you enjoy it!

Favorite Posts:

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    New to blogging of a sort (currently revamping my blog) and great to discover more NYC-area bloggers! Looking forward to discovering more of your blog.

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    Happy belated SITS DAY! I am headed over to read your SJP post now – I need to know if you saw any stirrups — or is it just shoes? Everyone has been busting on her stirrups, but I am digging them!

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    Happy sits day! I tried to stay active through both pregnancies and it payed off with how I felt and bounced back!

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    Your blog is such a lovely place! I felt so positively when read your pre delivery post and then saw you with your baby in a stroller! Wish health and prosperity to you, baby and those closes to your heart.

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    Happy SITS Day Beautiful!

    Looking forward to checking out your blog and the post on the pros and cons of detoxing.

    Wishing you the absolute best!

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    Great posts! Congrats on your new addition! Love all your fashion posts, and the guest posts are awesome too!


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    Hi Joann, happy SITS day! I went and check out your blog. I a transplanted New York girl, so I went directly to your Nordstrom post! Those were really pretty shoes. I’m glad the celeb was so nice to you. Wish you the best with your bloggging!