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Laura is the brilliant brain behind Olive and Love, a site where she not only writes about the joys of motherhood, but where she can also put her hobbies on display. Her hobbies include,  “furniture redesign, thrift and garage sale hunting, photography, fine art painting and the constant habit of re organizing closets”…how’s that for exhausting??

What inspired the title of your blog?

Green has always been my trademark color. The feeling of green is comforting and relaxing, like the words LOVE and HOME. I’m probably breaking rules by having no representation of my blog’s purpose in the name, however olive is a lovely color! I’m not sure how I came up with the name Olive and Love but I do remember playing with the domain search at www.no-ip.com until what I found to be available clicked with a spark of creativity.

If you had to describe your blog in one sentence, what would it be?

Olive and Love dot com is an eclectic collection of creative and useful projects for home and family life.

Can you share one of your favorite projects with us?

My current favorite project is my ceiling mounted bed canopy. My bedroom is rather large which makes it difficult to achieve the feeling of coziness I prefer. I wish I could cut and paste some of the space into my laundry room! I encourage others to imitate this inexpensive project, even in a smaller space, as the result is royal and romantic!

What do you do when you start feeling burned out?

Finding time to schedule writing for my blog every week is challenging. Some weeks there are more than one and I’m hesitant to admit that there have been weeks with out as well. I feel guilty that I haven’t focused enough on networking and building my blog, and admire bloggers who also comment on other blogs and join in link parties (which i have yet to really figure out….will someone please explain a link party to me?) Guilt is my weakness and if I let it overwhelm me then I’m left feeling burned out. That’s when I remind myself that in my spare time of being a mom of three, I like to design, volunteer at school and figure out more efficient ways to organize the chaos in my home. Blogging comes second to that as a way to share those projects with others.

How in the world do you balance your blog, projects, and family life? What’s the secret?

I acknowledge that finding balance is hard work and each obstacle is a lesson from which I grow.

When I look around at my home and life I have to appreciate the projects that are complete instead of the holes that need patching. I must focus on the hugs and kisses that my kids give me instead of the times I have to carry one of them in public, under my arm, kicking and screaming!

I take small moments through my day to visualize the love in my heart and to thank God for his blessings.

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    You are a beautiful designer! Seriously guilt is so last year (just kidding – I struggle with it too), but I don’t think people care that much if you miss a week of blogging, as long as when you do blog it’ good stuff. With all that creativity flowing out in all directions, some of it has to go in that blog of yours. :-)

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    I’m totally jealous. But in a good way. I swear. I love your sense of style and design. I love designing but have no real ability to create. Either way, there are ways you can learn, and repurpose, and just make beautiful space. Love your bedroom!

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    Arriving late to say Happy Sits Feature! I’m just getting caught up on my blog reading. I love, love, love your blog. I especially love the shutters in the dining room post. My favorite restaurant had the same kind of decor. I love to get inspiration from Anthropologie too, that store is amazing!

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    Happy SITS day! I think you’re right. Green is your color. Checked out your blog and subscribed. I love that shutter wall! Cool idea!

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    I’m very late but I am SO glad I came to catch up – I am in love love love with your bed canopy and I am going to incorporate that in our bedroom as soon as it is finished – it is being added on so Ihave time to learn how to do this. And those upsidedown lamps? I am in awe. I am heading over to your site with pen and paper so I can learn at the feat of the master – mistress? O Learned One!

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    Love how she came up with her name…I feel the same way about green…my house is all in natural colors…calming to me! Off to say hi.

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    Cool as can be– green has always been my signature color, too, so I can relate! Love your projects– and the originality! Congrats on your SITS Day!

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    I totally admire her because she is great at everything that I am oh so not good at.

    Love the honesty about balance because I am a firm believer that there is no balance.

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    I SO want that canopy in my bedroom. Wonder what my husband would think… either way, your pictures were gorgeous and there is something so *right* about the title of your blog. Glad I’m not the only one who finds blogging has to get put on the back burner once in a while!

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    I love the title of your blog. I am just getting into green. I feel like it’s my new color. Congrats on being featured!

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    Love that one of your hobbies is organizing closets – with the amount of time I do my kid’s you’d think they’d be in better shape! LOL. Can’t wait to get reading your blog!

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    Oh, I must check out this blog. I love home projects and I love your style!

    I know marketing and reader engagement is key to building your own blog, but at what expense? If I’m spending so much time on that aspect of blogging that I don’t have time to create good quality content for my own blog, than what am I really accomplishing? So, I totally understand your conundrum. Finding balance is very, very difficult. Although link-ups aren’t complicated at all – I’m sure there are plenty that fit your niche and all you have to do is link up a specific post to them and – BOOM! – instant exposure. (Although it is nice to visit others on the link.) It really does help drive site traffic, I’ve found.

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    Ooohhhh, that shutter wall is so incredible! And I just noticed that the picture of the kitchen bar has UPSIDE DOWN lamps hanging over the counter! Wow, I’m so inspired right now that I have to make this comment short and run off to find more delights on Olive and Love. :) Thanks, Laura!

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    Congratulations on your SITS day. Like you, I struggle to find the balance, get rid of the guilt, time for getting around to read the really interesting blogs of other folks, and focus on the projects finished rather than those patches in the wall, (literally and figuratively, we just moved!). Your sentiment is lovely and I look forward to reading your blog.

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    LOVE the canopy as well as your perspective in life… both BEAUTIFUL… as you are! Some have probably already explained link parties but I don’t see anything in the comments showing here and don’t have time to look through all the comments!! So…. they are a way for you to share posts from your blog with others, either other bloggers linking at the party or the host blog’s readers.

    We’re hosting one right now as a part of our Christmas series:

    The Christmas Smorgasbord

    If you have any great Christmas posts, would love for you to come share there! :)

    • says

      I did it! I’m linking to your “party” What about the blurp people write at the bottom of their blogs that say….Linking to the following parties….Wha?

      • says

        Yay! Congrats! May I offer a few suggestions? Assuming that would be a yes… 😉

        In the “name” field you really want to put either the title of your post or a good brief description that will let people know what it is you are linking in case the picture does not make it obvious! I did the same thing at my first party. With your permission, I can change that for you… or I have the settings such that you can delete it yourself and do it again. There is a limit to the number of characters… I believe I have it set to 50 but it will let you know when you reach that limit and you’ll have to delete some/shorten it.

        The blurp people put at the bottom is usually a “requirement” by most party hosts, as I do for our Make a Food-“e”-Friend Monday parties. For this one, I asked that people put our Christmas series button in their sidebar instead. As good blogger “etiquette”, I would say, just check prior to where you link up for any special instructions on “rules” or “requirements” the host of the party has! :)

        One more “suggestion” … or maybe piece of advice? Or maybe it’s just my own preference in the case of this post…. 😉 …. I would have chosen the other picture from your post because I think it gives readers a better view of the whole project. You can select to crop it yourself to focus in on the best part of the picture.

        Does that help at all… or too much unsolicited advice?! HAPPY SITS DAY to you! And… I meant to say in my comment that you achieved your goal of making your bedroom more cozy, I think!

    • says

      Thank you for answering her question about link parties! I didn’t know what they were either but would be interested in checking one out. I will definitely be writing about Christmas so would it be ok if I come check it out as well. Is there a vetting process? Thanks again, I know those of us a bit new to the blogoshere really appreciate it.

      • says

        Absolutely! I would love for you to! It is open to anyone who would like to participate… only thing I’m asking is that it’s family friendly. I’m planning to share each of the Christmas posts on FB also, so if it’s okay with you I will use your photo from your post to do that.

        I also host a Monday food party where any type of food-related posts are welcome. Please feel free to join in whenever you would like, even every week. If you peruse my blog a little, you will find at the end of a lot of my posts some of my favorite parties as well.

        • says

          Excellent, thank you! We have a family Cinnamon Rolls recipe that is to die for, so I can try that out in the next few weeks. Of course, I am all about family friendly. Thanks for the explanation that the invite to the Monday events as well. I checked out your blog so I will definitely be back to participate in some of the fun things you are doing on your site! Thank you again.

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    Looking at the color scheme and photos on your blog make me feel so relaxed. I wish you’d come to my house and implement some of your ideas! Great interview. Thanks!

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    I have wanted one of those canopies for so long. Maybe I can convince the boy we need one since you made it so cost effectively! I am off to explore.