Mom of 6

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Organizational tips for moms? That’s today’s featured blogger’s specialty. Say hi to Sharon of Mom of 6!

Mom of 6

When you are manning the mothership in a household of six children (currently 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5 years old) you have to be one seriously organized Mama! Over the years, I have been forced to dig deep and come up with ways to keep my act together- like creating some family routines to get us out the door in the morning and using a computerized calendar system to keep track of where everyone needs to be. Momof6 is packed with “How To” ideas on such topics as surviving family road trips, hosting at-home birthday parties, and even how to hold your own summer camp! Whether you have one child or a half-dozen…these tips work for families of all sizes!

Mom of 6

Some of Sharon’s must-read posts:

6 Steps to Get Control Over An Unorganized Life! – this needs to be stuck to my forehead.

This made me smile because I’ve got a 9 year-old boy: The Storyteller and His Magic

Dear Cablevision captures what we all feel when we get bad customer service!

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  1. says

    Great post!

    As a mom of six, myself (three of them are three-year-old triplets!) I agree that organization is good, but flexibility is better! lol :)

  2. says

    oh my word, they are so close in age, just like my kids (only I’m just now expecting #3 and my body is so worn out!) – can’t wait to head over and see how she does it!

  3. Roses daughter says

    I’m always Amazed a women who have a large # of kids but still manage to be organized!

  4. says

    All I can say is….WOW! SIX kids ages 10-5…?? I dunno if I’d still be breathing…or alive! I feel like I can’t even keep it on the “sane” level with the ONE active boy that I have now! I can’t wait to check out your blog Sharon!! And of course…a very happy SITS day to you!! =)

  5. says

    I’m a bit belated, but happy SITS day. SIX KIDS? You are one brave woman! I’m off to check out your blog.

  6. says

    I am always looking for ways to balance everything and she should great. I am going to say hello.

    Have a nice evening ladies :)!

    PS: I have a great giveaway going on my blog if anyone is interested.

  7. says

    I am so behind in catching up with #SITS days but I think I really need this one today. Glad I stopped by and now off to visit with Sharon. :)

  8. says

    I would need some serious tips if I had 6 under 10! Phew I need them now and have a 3 and 4 year old!

  9. says

    Dying to read some of her posts…and then plan on sending my sister (who by the way only has 3 but you’d think she has 10) over to her site :) Thanks!

  10. says

    Hey Everybody!

    Tomorrow is the beginning of link ups for The Pinterest Challenge. I’m hosting the sewing category, so be sure and stop by to enter!