Mom of 6

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Organizational tips for moms? That’s today’s featured blogger’s specialty. Say hi to Sharon of Mom of 6!

Mom of 6

When you are manning the mothership in a household of six children (currently 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5 years old) you have to be one seriously organized Mama! Over the years, I have been forced to dig deep and come up with ways to keep my act together- like creating some family routines to get us out the door in the morning and using a computerized calendar system to keep track of where everyone needs to be. Momof6 is packed with “How To” ideas on such topics as surviving family road trips, hosting at-home birthday parties, and even how to hold your own summer camp! Whether you have one child or a half-dozen…these tips work for families of all sizes!

Mom of 6

Some of Sharon’s must-read posts:

6 Steps to Get Control Over An Unorganized Life! – this needs to be stuck to my forehead.

This made me smile because I’ve got a 9 year-old boy: The Storyteller and His Magic

Dear Cablevision captures what we all feel when we get bad customer service!

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  1. Happy Belated SITS day!

  2. Great post!

    As a mom of six, myself (three of them are three-year-old triplets!) I agree that organization is good, but flexibility is better! lol :)

  3. Must go check out this blog!

  4. oh my word, they are so close in age, just like my kids (only I’m just now expecting #3 and my body is so worn out!) – can’t wait to head over and see how she does it!

  5. oh dear dear dear – six. Yes, you must be organized.

  6. Oh, my kinda person, one who struggles with organizing, but figures out what works best for her!

  7. Roses daughter says:

    I’m always Amazed a women who have a large # of kids but still manage to be organized!

  8. Roses daughter says:

    I’m always

  9. 6…SIX! Wow, what a great mom!

  10. All I can say is….WOW! SIX kids ages 10-5…?? I dunno if I’d still be breathing…or alive! I feel like I can’t even keep it on the “sane” level with the ONE active boy that I have now! I can’t wait to check out your blog Sharon!! And of course…a very happy SITS day to you!! =)

  11. Wowza! I can’t wait to find out more about you…and your crew!

  12. Good Morning. I had trouble logging on yesterday so I am playing a little bit of catch up

  13. I’m a bit belated, but happy SITS day. SIX KIDS? You are one brave woman! I’m off to check out your blog.

  14. Stopping by the blog soon!

  15. 6 kids all in perfectly successive age order! So you must have been pregnant for a continuous 5 years? Wow….my hat’s off to you!

    Maria xx

  16. She has some awesome tips on her blog! I love the video about how her family goes green!

  17. Wow, 6 kids…that’s quite the accomplishment! Sounds like you have a lot of first-hand experience and knowledge to share.

  18. I am always looking for ways to balance everything and she should great. I am going to say hello.

    Have a nice evening ladies :)!

    PS: I have a great giveaway going on my blog if anyone is interested.

  19. She is one impressive woman!

  20. checking in…Wow, 6 kids. Can’t wait to hear more.

  21. Happy Thursday! Starting my three day weekend . . .

  22. Here! With two hours to spare, I made roll call. Onto the blog…

  23. Hiya! Sits day roll call….

  24. I am so behind in catching up with #SITS days but I think I really need this one today. Glad I stopped by and now off to visit with Sharon. :)

  25. I love organizational tips! I also am a flybaby on the Flylady’s system…so bring on the tips!

  26. I would need some serious tips if I had 6 under 10! Phew I need them now and have a 3 and 4 year old!

  27. I’m not sure I could be pregnant for six years!! IMPRESSIVE! Congrats on SITS DAY!!!

  28. Dying to read some of her posts…and then plan on sending my sister (who by the way only has 3 but you’d think she has 10) over to her site :) Thanks!

  29. Hello Everyone. :)

  30. Happy SITS Day!

  31. I can’t wait to read this. I love tips for organizing my life!

  32. Am I the only grump here today?

  33. Happy SITS DAY

  34. Can always use organization tips. Heading over!

  35. Hey Everybody!

    Tomorrow is the beginning of link ups for The Pinterest Challenge. I’m hosting the sewing category, so be sure and stop by to enter!

  36. Happy Thursday!

  37. Six kids? I can’t imagine how you do it! You must be super-organized!

  38. I just have one kiddo and am barely able to keep organized. I definitely need to check out your blog and discover your secret! :)


  39. I may not be a mom yet- but organizational tips are always welcome!!
    Cup ‘a Hot Chocolate here to check it out :)

  40. Wow! You sound like one amazing mom! Congrats on your SITS day!!

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