A Commentary On Mommy Pants from Lands End

At long last, Keely from Lollygag Blog is joining us for our SITS Girl in the Spotlight series.  Keely and I have been exchanging e-mails over the last few weeks in an effort to iron out the details with her HTML code.  The good news is, it is here and finally working!

Here’s a bit more about Keely…

A playwright, nanny, and new-ish Mom in the city of Chicago, I blog about my money pit of a home, extraordinarily tolerant husband, and the prettiest baby ever to shove eggplant up one’s nose. Also, despite years of schooling and a decent intelligence quotient, I am completely unable to provide even a perfunctory explanation of how electricity works.

Today, Keely is sharing her thoughts on the dreaded mommy pants from Lands End.  You know the ones.  In some cases, they come up so high on your waist that a bra may in fact be optional? Yup. Those are the ones.  :)


For more hilarious commentary on motherhood, being pregnant the second time around, and parenting while the husband is out of town, check out Keely at Lollygag Blog.

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    Already a follower of Lollygag… This video is too funny… I don’t understand the super high waist pants

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    oh no….I think I might actually own something similar to that. sigh……. At least I don’t know for sure where they are. That’s a good sign, right?

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    “Mommy pants” indeed. I like the low and too-low jeans from various companies. Fortunately, after a couple of years of eating reduced carbs and working out with hand weights, I can wear them even though I’ll be 50 this year!

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    Nope, you’re not last Carrie- I’m right behind you! Here’s to a great week ahead for everyone. Cheers!

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    Arg, I’m late to the party! I do not have the, um, guts to vlog but I’m in awe of those that do. Obviously it’s a hit, can’t wait to check it out. Hope your weekend was a good one, SITStahs!

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    Oh, I love her and I just love this. LOL @ “Nora! We do NOT eat paper! Think of the carbs!” <Nora is too cute.

    Off to check her out now. Hope you are all enjoying what's left of the weekend.

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    Yeah, I’ve got to agree with you on all points! Love Lands’ End as well, but their pants leave a lot to be desired. Very impressed with your beautiful babe’s behavior during the entire vlog! Looking forward to checking out your blog.

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    Ok… I haven’t gotten mom pants YET but I do love Lands End… I ordered from them last summer and got a HANDWRITTEN note. True story. It was from Lands End Canvas.

    Cute blog!

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    I have to agree with Marie Cole above…. That’s why I don’t shop at LL Bean too. I think of it as my Mom’s kind of store, and she’s in her 70’s. Very funny, the observation that all three pants were the same with different names!

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    I LOVE this post! I have vowed never to wear mommy jeans. Ever. I may make other fashion errors, but not this dreaded one! There are so many cute jeans available, why wear mom–jeans?