Slappy in the Face

Have we recovered from the deliciousness of yesterday’s featured blogger?


Now we are going to visit a lady who keeps it real. We like that.

Meet Gina of Slappy in the Face. If you have moment to check out her story- you should. She’s been one heck of a journey. She took her nightmare experience with Paxil side effects into information for others.

Here is Gina in her own words:

I started blogging on a dare, when a friend introduced me to a few famous ones and said, “you could do that”. She was right … I could … and I did. I share serious things like my recovery from prescription drug addiction, my experience with hoarding and relationship abuse, and my struggle to overcome debt, but it’s not all doom and gloom. I also share my crazy life raising five teenagers, being the wife of a firefighter, and my “Quest to Destress”. Come on over … I have a box of wine!

Posts from Gina:
I Called the Cops

The Cool Kids

The Truth About My Blogging


  1. Woah – raising 5 teenagers…. someone get me that wine! Happy SITS Day!
    Sarah@ThereSheGoes recently posted..Guest Post by Kelly Mulder: Why I Gave Up Soda & Coffee

  2. I was hooked at … Gina’s own words.

    Glenda Childers recently posted..A few thoughts on … parenting

  3. Happy Belated SITS Day!
    Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri recently posted..An Unexpected Marriage Proposal

  4. LOL! A box of wine. I love it!! Congrats!
    Tristine recently posted..The Great Prophet: YOU

  5. I know I’m late. But I still wanna read up! :)
    Martine | Work at Home Mom Writer recently posted..Dainty Mom at 2: Win a custom blog header and badge design from Fancy Girl Designs

  6. Love that she’s keeping it real! Can’t wait to read more about her.
    Erin Bassett recently posted..Scrapbook Brainstorming & A Basically Bare Giveaway!

  7. Gina has a heartwarming story. You’ll love her!
    jamie recently posted..What To Do When People Talk Behind Your Back

  8. Oh, this sounds like a blog I need to read! Thanks for the intro ;)
    Robin | Farewell, Stranger recently posted..Writing Dangerously

  9. Happy SITS Day to you!
    Alicia recently posted..Spring In the Air

  10. What a remarkable story Gina has!!!
    Susan in the Boonies recently posted..Blowout in the Boonies:

  11. Happy Sits Day! Sounds interesting… so much in fact I will be popping over in the morning when I have more time.

    Pamela list recently posted..Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Starts March 5

  12. nice blog
    Eden Lords recently posted..Megan Fox for Angeleno March 2012

  13. Happy Sits Day!!
    Stephanie recently posted..Annoyances while Pregnant

  14. Happy SITS Day!!!
    Kimberly Gauthier, Adventures in Blogging recently posted..Promoting Your Blog for Free Can be Done Online and Offline

  15. Congratulations on SITS Day! I’m going to check out your blog!
    Michelle W. recently posted..Fashion Friday – Swimsuits

  16. Read the story of Slappy, and I’m actually shocked and moved! She is a fighting woman! I do admire her willingness to share this story with the world to grow awareness. Good work.
    My Travel Affairs recently posted..Birthday Celebrating in Prague

  17. Here, a little late, but can’t wait to check her out her blog.
    Leigh Powell Hines (@Hinessightblog) recently posted..Nothing Beats Walking Downstairs for Dinner: My Night at the Gallery Restaurant

  18. Love it! This blog sounds like a dish of awesome with sides of sassy and serious! Off I go!!
    Emily recently posted..March Fitness Goals | Fitness Friday

  19. Happy SITS Day! Can’t wait to check out Gina’s blog!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Lessons from Ski School

  20. cant wait to read!
    Victoria Hamel recently posted..Email notifications I really need to unsub

  21. What an incredible story to accompany an incredible journey. I have always seen writing as a form of therapy. It helps us to tell the world our secrets, let go, and inform others of our life journey.
    Katie Woodling recently posted..Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

  22. Kristi says:

    Great blog!
    Kristi recently posted..Religious Freedoms

  23. You and that doggone box of wine, I tell ya. You and Kathy Griffins mom HAVE got to meet up and become friends and get your booze on!

    But, on the real side, congratulations.

    I look forward to reading your blog – hearing about your life. Got a book coming out? If not, you should write one. If you have (written one), send it to Hollywood, wouldja? I swear, if one more celebrity dies, goes to rehab, or jail… You’re the kind of role model they need to know about.

    Keep on keeping on, lady!

  24. congrats on your day!!!
    Genie @rungenierunblog recently posted..Diets Overwhelming??

  25. WOW!!! I can’t wait to read more about her story…
    Brook @ Redhead Reverie recently posted..A {GAH!} Sound Bytes of the Week

  26. happy sits day! Off to check the site out now!
    Jamie recently posted..Confession Friday

  27. Love the blog title!
    Jocelyn | ScooterMarie recently posted..19 month stats

  28. Yay! Another firewife! Must. Head. Over. Happy Friday everyone!
    kyfirewife recently posted..I almost declared a mental health day today, or…

  29. Happy Friday! I’m off to check out Gina’s blog!!! xoxo
    Vicki recently posted..Linkup: The Nail Files (3/2/12)

  30. Hi Gina! Happy Friday! Headed now to read more! Thanks so much for sharing your stories!

  31. Such an honest blog! Love it!

  32. Whew – still catching up after such a wonderful feature day yesterday. Gina sounds indestructible! And fun! Looking forward to visiting…
    OMG! Yummy recently posted..My Feature Day on!

  33. Wow! She’s sounds awesome! On my way to visit
    Rosesdaughter recently posted..Project 52: A Great Leap

  34. You sound like a brave and honest woman- can’t wait to read it.
    Maria recently posted..This is why we can’t have nice things.

  35. Happy SITS Day! Looking forward to the wine and reading more of your story!
    jennifer recently posted..$10 Chandelier Makeover

  36. Happy Friday everyone! Check out what’s for dinner!
    Leslie recently posted..Whats for dinner & dessert!

  37. Good day, all! I had a bit of a crying jag today – I think I’m going to write about it later in the week. But I also bought myself flowers to cheer the house up. I hope they kick in soon!
    Christa the BabbyMama recently posted..I Don’t Do Comfort Foods – I Do Comfort Meals

  38. Hey Gina! Happy SITS Day to you!
    Craftwhack recently posted..Chocolate Peanut Butter Extravaganza

  39. What an incredible journey..I cant wait to read more of her story.
    Michael recently posted..I Can’t Swim or Pee in the Woods

  40. Hey! Congrats on your SITS day. I’m off to check out your blog :)

  41. going to check her out!! ;)
    Bailey K. recently posted..sweet beet juice – day 17 of juice fast

  42. TGIF! I’m off to check out this awesome blogger!
    Maggi recently posted..Peacock Tales

  43. Let’s check out what she has to say!
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