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Maggie from Pink Shoes is here to remind us that every moment is important!

I’m Maggie.

I wear the badge of adoptive mom with honor, pride, thankfulness, and humility. I live everyday in awe of the fact that my daughter’s birth parents chose my husband and I to raise Georgia as ours, and to entrust us with her future and well-being; both physically and emotionally.

Pink Shoes is a platform for me to write about those everyday, very simple moments that make a life and what I can learn from them. The writer Annie Dillard says, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” I refuse to let simple occurrences in the course of a grocery shopping trip, a rainy morning at home, a meeting at work, dinner out, dinner in, a walk in the woods, a disagreement with a friend, an over-flowing laundry basket, a drive to my parents house, or an inside joke with my husband pass me by–because if I did–I’d be letting my life pass me by.

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  1. Awww… Adoption stories are really touching for me…
    On my way there to yoyr blog SITStah! :)
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  3. That quote by Annie Dillard is one of my favorites. Happy Belated SITS Day!
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  4. Happy Sits Day! Just checked out your blog. It was great!

  5. Happy belated SITS day!
    denyse@crazy beautiful life recently posted..Holiday Candle Decor

  6. You had me at “pink.” Love your blog and can’t wait to read more! Happy SITS Day!

    Sarah @ Sweet & Savory Life recently posted..Live & Love This Moment

  7. Wow. Sorry for the late link-up. Very interested in reading your blog.
    Deb recently posted..Birth Day (Part I)

  8. Happy Belated SITS DAY!!! I have always wanted to adopt and still do. I am just waiting on Gods perfect timing! You are truly BLESSED!!!
    Nicky Johnson recently posted..Thankful

  9. She is such a darling!1 God Bless you and your cute little fam!!

  10. Congrats on your SITS Day! Over to try on Pink Shoes ;)
    Tracy Larson recently posted..Do You Ever Want to Escape Your Kids?

  11. Congrats on finally making it to your SITS day…love the new design too…very cute!

  12. On my way over…
    Jean Lynd recently posted..Hair stuck in the 00′s or even the 90′s?

  13. Your little girl is gorgeous! Lovely pictures xxx
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  14. Maggie, you are amazing! I always wanted to adopt children but then I had 3 of my own and I’m maxed out. I think that what you are doing is an amazing thing and you seem to handle it with grace and love. The pictures above are beautiful.
    Summer Davis recently posted..Find More Time in Three Easy Steps!

  15. Happy SITS day (one day late!). I’m heading over!

  16. Hope you had a great Sits Day, heading over now!
    Stephanie recently posted..It’s been a while

  17. happy sits day, following over at bloglovin’ i love your parenting style
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  18. Very sweet blog.
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  19. Happy SITS day! Will be visiting your blog soon :D
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  20. Happy SITS Day!
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  21. Congratulations Maggie! Enjoy your SITS day!
    Ugochi recently posted..TWO TIMING

  22. I am really interested in reading your story. Enjoy your weekend!
    Angi recently posted..Snapshot of puberty in action: Drama Mama

  23. what a beautiful concept, a nice reminder of what is important. thank you for sharing your story!
    Simplicity Interrupted recently posted..simple gift tags.

  24. Lovely images.
    Laura @ Pruning Princesses recently posted..Quote Art- A Gift for Giving?

  25. You have a wonderful outlook, Maggie. And, that’s refreshing. So now, I can’t wait to head over and check out your blog.

    Happy SITS Day!
    Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions recently posted..5 Fabulous Affordable Party Essentials

  26. Happy Sits Day! What a beautiful story, glad open adoption is working well for you, your precious daughter and her birth-mom.
    Tanya recently posted..Rheumatoid Arthritis Fevers and Illness

  27. Great post! I am adopted as well – terrific to see a blog that speaks openly about life in general and how adoption “chose” them rather than the other way around.

  28. Adoption keeps popping up lately. What a sweet blog!
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  29. Happy SITS day! Looking forward to reading!
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  31. What a lovely description of being a parent of an adopted child; I am sure that everyone is benefiting from your generosity. Happy SITS day!
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  32. Love this! Can’t wait to read more posts!!

    Happy Holidays!
    Simply Summer recently posted..My day is saved!!!

  33. Off to visit!
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  34. Lovely photos, and a really heart filled post!
    Lots of Love,
    Grace X
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  35. Heading over to comment now!
    Martha recently posted..November 2012 empties!

  36. I love Pink Shoes and I am so happy that TODAY is Maggie’s SITS Day!! YaY!! :)
    Nicole Bruinekool recently posted..Marriage Maintenance

  37. What a great outlook and what a beautiful daughter you have! Happy Friday and happy SITS day!
    Beth (OMG! Yummy) recently posted..Eight Potato Latke Recipes for the Eight Days of Hannukah

  38. I agree, what a positive way to look at life! Happy SITS day :-)
    Bev recently posted..(Re)learning How to Play

  39. What a sweet and refreshing outlook you have! I feel like if I hung out with you for a day my life would be better :) I’ll settle for perusing your blog. Have a wonderful SITS day!!
    hilljean recently posted..The Santa Conundrum: Are You A Mean Mom?

    • That’s a really nice thing to say and a challenge to me. “Would people really be better if they hung out with me for a day?” Hmmmm…….I probably need to start being more patient with my daughter.
      Maggie recently posted..SITS Day…..It actually came!

  40. I love the idea behind your blog!
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  41. Great site!
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  42. This sounds wonderful..I’m looking forward to visiting your blog.

    From TracyAnn of and
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  43. Cute! Happy SITS day!
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  44. Wow! You guys were blessed with a darling little girl. She looks like your biological daughter even with her hair being blond. May the Lord bless you with many more happy and healthy years together. Enjoy the SITS day and the holidays!

    Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa
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  45. Finished Chiristmas shopping!!!!!
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  46. Happy Friday everyone! Heading on over…
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  47. Beautiful story and name for a blog!
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  48. Love the pictures and the blog name.
    Kari recently posted..The Chronology of The Chronology of Water

  49. Happy SITs day!
    Ari @ Creatively Sassy recently posted..Kate Middleton Maternity Style Prediction

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