Farewell, Stranger

You survived Monday!

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Okay, now you are ready to make today’s Featured Blogger feel special!

Meet Robin of Farewell, Stranger.

Robin’s blog is like visiting a friend you really enjoy. I am secretly in love with her blog design and her easy writing style. I’ll find myself just reading through posts. Love it when that happens. And, postpartum support is so important- I know that first hand.

Here is what Robin has to say:

I’m sort of one of those niche-less bloggers, which I’ve embraced wholeheartedly. I started my blog just over a year ago as a way of working through the lingering effects of postpartum depression (way cheaper than therapy!) and of course got hooked on writing and the community of bloggers. I didn’t see it coming, but my horrible experience with PPD was actually a blessing and I’ve made some changes in my life as a result. My new motto is “Live the life you’re meant to.

Robin think these 3 are the next best thing to sliced bread. {We agree}.

Being Real {I LOVE this post.}

Motherhood and Losing Yourself

Postpardum- My Story

Leave a short comment below to Roll Call and then had over to Robin’s place and leave her some rich and authentic comments. She deserves it!

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    Sorry yesterday I got swamped, but I’m glad I came back to check this one out! Great blog! Happy SITS day! I really like your writing style, you are awesome!