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Happy Friday and Happy February!

Come join us at the Powder Room Playground and be ready for some honesty and some humor!

Motherhood has rudely awakened me to the fact, that when using the powder room, I have lost all rights to privacy and dignity. When I really think about it… this is how it is in every aspect of my life these days. Life with my kids mean that normal routines like eating out, reading a book or shopping no longer happens like they should. Every situation feels like I’m in the powder room again. Parenthood doesn’t always let me have my days the way I meant it to be… but here in the PRP, I get to write about it my way. A little honesty and my quirky humor. So hurry up and head to the Powder Room Playground!… my bladder is trending folks!

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    Happy (belated) SITS Day!! =) I can TOTALLY relate to your WHOLE synopsis. I sometimes wonder what the big draw is to being present while I pee… My husband in the whole 12 years we’ve been together has never felt the need to walk in and park it right in front of me and talk to me about school and shoes, etc… But our son does (he is 3…don’t get scared lol…he is still just 3). Can’t wait to check out your blog! =)

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    I am doing a little catch up…I am extremely late, but heading on over. I hope you had a great SITS day!!

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    Oh, I so remember those days! It was quite a relief to get to use the bathroom by myself again!

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      I know! and when you’re a mom and you get privacy, sometimes you don’t know what to do with it… because you rarely get it! Thank you!

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    Congrats on your sits day! Your intro made me laugh. When I nannied I discovered that. The baby would scream and cry and bang on the door if you shut it completely and it amused her greately to “bust in” on you. By this I mean she would sneak up and slam both hands on the door. Her whole goal was to hit the door hard enough to make a satisfying loud bang. If it did she would laugh and clap -especially if it made you jump (I used to pretend when I discovered this) if it wasn’t to her liking she’d “close” the door and try again. LOL Crazy but no, not even 5 seconds to yourself to be human and pee.

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      Crazy isn’t it? They always find a way. It’s easier to just let them in and get your business done quickly, than to try and prevent them from getting in. You’re just choosing the lesser of the 2 evils! Thank you for your comment.

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        It is! The baby at the time I left was only 16 months but I started her potty training. We would go to the bathroom together. I figure she was going to learn that the bathroom was for bathing or doing your business. Not for getting into the cabinets or throwing the toilet paper or qtips into the bath tub. Her mom text me this morning to say that she went into the bathroom with her and went like a big girl today. At 17 months too!!!

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    Oh my goodness, I love your blog! You draw me in with your unique post titles! I never know what to expect when I click on a post. :)

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    That reminds of a picture floating around FB right now. Little hands under a door with the title “they will find you”. Hehe. It’s true. We can’t escape them!

    Heading over to check out your site! :)

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      hahaha I think I’ve seen that picture too. At least that mom was able to close the door. Must kids always find a way in! Thank you!

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    Happy SITS day to you!! Heading to your site to check it out! I can completely relate…even though my kids are now teens and preteens, private moments are still few and far between. :)

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      Yes, I hear it keeps going for a while. But it must be nice that they’re at least reaching the ages when you can embarrass them back! One of the things I’m looking forward to in the teen years :-) I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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    I’ve seen what you’re talking about in stores, where a woman will be in a bathroom stall with their kid(s) and they are driving their mother crazy while she’s trying to pee, even opening up the stall door before the poor woman is done.
    Heading to your site now. Happy SITS DAY!

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      That opening the door before I’m done is the worst! You’re sitting there yelling at your kids NOT to open the door… yet you can’t do anything cause you’re stuck to the seat til you’re done! Thanks for stopping to read my posts.

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