My Little Miracles

Today’s featured blogger is Erin, who I’ve has the pleasure of meeting and adore.

Plus, we went the same high school.  {Shout out to Agoura High!}

Erin’s miracles are her 2 precious boys.

Her blog share her story of pregnancy after miscarriage, surviving cancer and more.

Erin says:

There are so many things that define who I am, but most important I am a mom to two beautiful miracle boys, children they said I’d never have. I’ve lived a lot of life in a short amount of time. I’m a cancer survivor, and have learned that the best day in life is today! So my motto, Life Happens, so Live it, no regrets. I love to create but I am far from crafty. I hate shopping unless it’s for someone else. I’ll try anything once. (Well, most things anyway.) I love to laugh with my friends. I am a simply complex person, but so easy to know!

Erin thinks these 3 posts rock:

Back where I come From This post is about Erin’s childhood- beautifully written- definitely worth a read!

The Scar That is Forver How the death of her brother has impacted her life.

Simply Simple When being a mommy gets the best of her and she remembers the simple things in life.

Your turn.

Leave a short comment below for roll call and then GO COMMENT ON ERIN’S BLOG.

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  1. Gretchen Cantrell says:

    Congratulations for making Featured Blogger. Stuff like this gives me strength and hope.

  2. Happy belated SITS day!

  3. On my way to check out this blog.

  4. Happy SITS day… she sounds like someone who is VERY worthy of a day in the spotlight! I am off to check her out now. What a remarkable and inspirational woman.

  5. i love hearing about miracle babies

  6. Roll call – off to visit.

  7. Oh! A blogger I recognize. :) Headed over to check out Erin’s blog (which I already know is fantastic).

  8. Roses daughter says:

    Happy SITS day!!!

  9. Congrats on your SITS day. Running a bit behind as I chase my own miracle babies:)

  10. Congrats on SITS day! :)

  11. Wow. Very inspirational!!

  12. Wow very inspirational.

  13. Love it! So inspiring! Best of luck!

  14. Sounds truly inspirational!

  15. Hope its been a great SITS weekend for you!! Headed to check out your blog now.

  16. What a story! Off to visit.

  17. Good inspiration on a Sunday…

  18. nice

  19. I love your motto! Sounds like a plan to me! I always find myself in awe of the people around me who are cancer survivors. It is a sad state of things that most people in this world don’t live life to the fullest until they were almost robbed of the chance to do so. But, no matter how this change and revelation comes upon someone, the strength they’ve gained through adversity, the deeper understanding that shines in their eyes of what it means to TRULY live and the love they are able to cultivate in the strangest of places. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! Here I go to check our your blog and…of course…congratulations on your SITS day Erin!! =)

  20. thats me the post before….typo’d my email address. Yikes!

  21. Love it! Happy SITS Day!

  22. Great feature on SITS! Such a strong woman. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  23. I am really glad you’ve featured her today SITS. Stuff like this gives me strength and hope. Thank you

  24. Yeah, I was having trouble getting the comment area to pull up last week. Not sure if it was because I was accessing it from my iPad but YAY!! Great to be back!

  25. Stopping by for a late roll call…

  26. Happy SITS Day!!!

  27. Congratulations for making Featured Blogger. Heading off to read your posts.

  28. Happy Weekend SITStas ~

  29. Congrats on your Sits Day!!!

    Can anyone help me out a bit? I need people to ‘like’ my small business on FB so i can get a username….. i feel so awkward trolling for likes….

  30. How inspiring!

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