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Let’s give a big SITSterly welcome to Ally, the blogger behind The Mommy Diaries. Ally uses her site as a channel to voice her opinions as a mom. After all, with all the products out in the market right now, it is always hard to decide what’s good for you and your family.

product reviews

We see that congratulations are in order! You’re pregnant with Baby # 2. Yay! How are you feeling?
Thank you! With less than a month to go, I am surprisingly pretty calm right now. Not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.

How is this pregnancy different from your first?
Both my pregnancies were great. This time around, with great management and help from my doctors, I have been able to avoid conditions that I experienced during my first pregnancy, such as back pain, sciatica, fainting spells.

I am also pretty relaxed with this second pregnancy. No more pregnancy books or reading through pregnancy related sites every single day.

It looks like you’ve been doing product reviews for years. How did you get started?
To be honest, I started by joining as many blog giveaways as I had time to. Then the light came on and I thought, “If they could do it, why can’t I?” It was hard dealing with the rejections at first, so I started writing reviews for products I already had and was using. Then I started to slowly contact companies and PR firms again. Every YES outweighed all the NOs that I got and it just went forward from there. Now I have companies contacting me to do reviews and giveaways.

product reviewers

Your media kit is really well done. How have you been able to successfully monetize your site?
Right now all I’ve really been able to do is write sponsored posts for a couple of companies. I haven’t been able to actively pursue trying to monetize my blog, but am looking to change that in the near future. I have joined a few affiliate programs, but have not added their widgets in my sidebar.

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About Francesca

One of two behind The SITS Girls and Bloggy Boot Camp. Believer that this community is a movement, and not just a website. Currently on a quest for unending free WiFi & stronger caffeine. I'd love to get to know you better: Find me on Twitter @FranBanducci and on Google+.


  1. newest folllower please folow me back thanks

  2. pregnant with baby #3 and could use a few tips on avoiding sciatica pain!!!

  3. I can’t wait to look around her blog. I think she can teach me a few things.

  4. Ally sounds like a go-getter!

  5. Great family pic and congrates on you new addition arriving soon. :)

  6. The second one is always easier, thank God! With the third one, I was even more relaxed!

  7. Their daughter is such a cute little girl =)

  8. now i don’t know if this is the right place to say this or not. And its been a while since I’ve visited SITS, but wow i l.o.v.e the new website design! :)

  9. HAPPY SITS DAY!!!! Your family is beautiful and congratulations on the new addition to come! I’m off to check out your blog ; )

  10. She looks super cute and I always love a good giveaway ;)

  11. Adorable blog and and a wonderful family :)

  12. Product reviews!

  13. They are such a sweet family! On my way to read her blog! have a great night yall!

  14. Happy Tuesday! :)

  15. Happy Tuesday

  16. Congrats on being featured! Love the ideas of reviews for moms. I am going to suggest your blog to my mommy friends. :-)

  17. What a cute family!

  18. I think I’ve been to Ally’s site before. She’s familiar to me. Congrats on Baby #2, Ally. :)

  19. I love product reviews, anything that helps me save time and money! Loved reading your blog!

  20. What a beautiful family! Love the name of her blog. :)

  21. Your experience with giveaways and product reviews is very interesting to me. Because of my day job as a journalist, my company doesn’t allow such things, so I’m completely clueless as to how it all works. Congrats on your SITS day!

  22. Cute girl!

  23. Very unique!!! So glad to meet you ~ congrats & have fun in your 2nd baby process!!!

  24. Congrats to a mommy blogger who can handle promoting her blog, raise a little girl and now another baby! Whew!

  25. Yay, a baby on the way. I’ll go check out her blog. Hope everyone’s having a great week!

  26. Wish I was at the point of monetizing! Congrats on being so close!

  27. On a holiday with the fam. To make it even more awesome, I have internet connection! LOL – Have a great evening everyone!

  28. Are you Pinay? I was looking through the blog and couldnt figure out if you are except through this picture. hehe.. nwey, I agree about the Media Kit! Nicely put together! =D

  29. Can’t believe the day is about to end. Well, I am glad I can still say have a nice evening ;).

  30. Congrats Ally on your SITS day and baby # 2! I look forward to checking out your blog. :)

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  31. How wonderful! As a mom of 2, I concur. The 2nd pregnancy is much less mysterious and goes by quickly! It is so great that she has fought her way into doing reviews, and plans on going further! great job Ally!!

  32. I just did my first review/give away. I’m excited to read your blog and see what tips I can pick up.

  33. Just checking in…off to see the FB

  34. Yay it is great getting to know Ally!

  35. Congrats to you! Enjoy your day! Looking forward to stopping by the blog!

  36. AWEsome blog! Love her stuff! Have a great day friends!

  37. Happy erm, Tuesday? It’s Wednesday here so it must be Tuesday for most of you in Blog-Land. This blog will be interesting! :)

  38. I really want to start doing blog reviews and hopefully reviews for companies. What are your suggestions in giving a good review?

  39. have a great delivery! happy SITS day!

  40. Congrats on Baby #2. There are so many products for babies, Mums and kids, it really is difficult to work out what you really need.

  41. Congrats on baby #2.
    I can’t wait to check out your blog. I love hearing about products that other moms use and love.

  42. Love those photos of your daughter. Congrats on the pregnancy!

  43. Adorable family! Congrats to them!!

  44. Sounds like I could learn a lot from Ally– she’s made it work really well! –and she’s making it all very interesting!

  45. Congrats on your SITS day :)

  46. Congrats to you, being featured as a SITS girl!

  47. Happy SITS day!
    Always interested in how and why others monetize their blogs…it sound like hard work to me!

  48. I wrote my 500th post today! Off to check out how she promotes her blog.

  49. That’s really cool! I didn’t know about product reviews etc when I first started blogging but I now get offered some lovely things to review and have a great relationship going on with several PR Companies. Congrats to Ally on baby number 2 :-)


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