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When my girls were still waddling, red-headed toddlers I desperately wished I knew a mom who had kids just slightly older than mine so I could pick her brain and learn from her wisdom. As the girls grew, this parenting thing was getting harder, not easier. Growing strong girls into strong women with was a HUGE task. I responded by asking others questions, reading, and parenting intentionally, but I wanted to share what I learned and find others to share back, so I started this blog. Whether you are done raising kids or have all boys, there is a place for you at Pruning Princesses where you can find mentors, recipes, stories, activities and inspiration or you can encourage another mom who needs it.

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    Happy SITS day! Loved your post about the girl whom no one wanted to play with. You are very perceptive. I have been at the motherhood game for over 20 years, I have 9 kids (little goats ranging in age 20 years to 2.5 years) and a one year old granddaughter. I am now subscribed to your blog. Check out mine!

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    With a 5 yr old daughter myself, I look forward to reading your tips about raising strong girls who turn into strong women!

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    Congrats on yours SITS day!! I am enjoying every minute with my 9 mo old princess. I just want her to stay this size and never grow up!!

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    Excited to be getting back into the blogging community after taking some time off to write my book! Today’s featured blogger is such a great woman; I’m enjoying reading her posts!


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