Counting My Kisses

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you are all enjoying your week.

We’ve got a faaaaaaabulous lady in the spotlight today, Amy of Counting My Kisses. She is just the sweetest thing ever and her blog is comfy cozy. And look at those adorable girls.

Say hello to Amy:

Hi, all! So excited to be here today with all of you super fab SITS Girls! I’m Amy, momma to two sweet toddler girls & wife to a pretty great guy. Life at our house is a little crazy and a lot of fun.

I started Counting My Kisses as a way to capture some of the precious {and let’s be real, a few less-than-precious!} moments in our lives. I try to look for the silver lining in each experience, whether it’s a diaper disaster or a big childhood milestone. Stop by for a few minutes to relax, unwind and share a laugh!

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Now leave quick comment below and then head on over to Amy’s place and leave her some of that comment crack!

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  1. How cool for you to be chosen as a FB! I enjoy rooting for everyone who is chosen. This is such a fantastic platform to meet new people (like you!) and to get your blog noticed. Not to fail to mention that SITS is such a wonderful avenue to empower women. I love that. It’s made me feel stronger, that’s for sure.

    When we’re here, we’re never alone in life’s ups and downs. Congrats to you again!

  2. Happy SITS Day!!!

  3. Happy SITS day! I love your blog and your blog title.

  4. What a great title!

  5. Happy belated SITS day! Your blog looks great!

  6. Wayyyyy late, crazy week, but here now. ;)

  7. Happy SITS day! Off to visit Amy’s site. Her family looks adorable. :)

  8. What a beautiful family you have! Happy SITS Day!


  9. Well done on your SITS day, can’t wait to read your blog, I find it hard sometimes to see the silver lining in a nappy change disaster so I am sure your writing will be entertaining.

    Laura x

  10. Sorry I am late but hope your SITS day was great!

  11. Running behind again…how do you all keep up with everything?

  12. What a cute blog name! I love the idea behind the name.

  13. Hey hey hey.. happpy SITS day! t

  14. Love the name of your blog Amy, it’s so sweet. Can’t wait to read more. Happy SITS day.

  15. Aw I just LOVE that name! Can’t wait to head over there!

  16. I wonder how many awesome blogs started out as quiet personal/family blogs. :)

  17. Looks like a cute blog…I have a little girl myself.

  18. On my way to visit Amy.

  19. heading over!

  20. I love your idea for a blog and will be following. Congrats on be featured!

  21. Happy SITS Day! heading over to check it out!

  22. I love the pic of your family and will definitely check out your blog!

  23. So sweet! I’m the mom of two little girls, too. :D

  24. Love my girls, even though they are all grown now!
    Happy SITS day!

  25. Oh noes, meetings ate into my usual blog reading time! Well, I’ll get to check this one out when I get home, I guess! :)

  26. I see fido is in the pic as well :)

    Heading over now.

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