A Sassy 20′s Blog: That’s Why Her Hair Is So Big

Meet Tara, a fabulous 20-something SITS girl who “knows everyone’s business”.  She blogs at That’s Why Her Hair Is So Big

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I created my blog after I had been reading the blogs of a few of my real life friends for a few months. I have always enjoyed writing and I was intrigued by the friendships that seemed to be developing between the writer of the blog and the readers. It took me over a month to actually write my first post, but I finally did it on 12/31/09. I had seen wedding blogs, mommy blogs, etc., and I knew that I was too random to ever have a blog with a consistent theme and I didn’t know if anyone would ever take to a blog like that. Over the past year, I have developed the most amazing friendships through blogging and I am so glad that I put myself out there!

Have you ever written a post that you’ve later regretted?
No, I don’t think I’ve ever written a post that I’ve later regretted. I try to be very aware of the things I am blogging about and the fact that they are visible to anyone in the world who would ever want to read it. I try to keep it simple, fun and lighthearted!

What do you do with the secrets you collect?
I’ve found that when you really get into blogging, you realize that it involves secrets- sharing your secrets and learning the secrets of others. If you’re wondering where I keep the secrets, I’ll let you figure that one out! :)

What is you idea of the perfect evening?
My perfect evening involves eating a big, juicy cheeseburger with my hubs, then coming home and laying on the couch with my dog cuddled at me feet and watching endless hours of reality TV. Oh, and I’d end the night with a long bubble bath before bed!

Favorite Posts:
Love Story:  Tara’s very own love story spans a few years!
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The Most Personal Post You’ll See Here: Now that’s what I call a tree with longevity!


  1. I’m a big keeper of secrets myself….a big raven that likes shiny things….your blog looks good.

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  2. Cute! Can’t wait to check out her blog!
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  3. sounds HIL-arious and looking forward to reading this blog!!!!

  4. She’s right she is random! lol But that gives it some variety and something to look forward to.
    Fun On A Dime Lady recently posted..Sticky Ball Game

  5. I can’t get over the Xmas tree…

  6. I love to read random stories! Your blog looks really cute, and I can’t wait to check it out.
    Amy recently posted..One Thing I Cant Let Go

  7. I like her philosophy.
    Shana recently posted..Random Musings Friday…

  8. looks interesting! i’m going to your blog now!

    Visit my other blog: http://www.theblogforbrides.com
    vivi b. recently posted..Am I pregnant

  9. I’m getting a fun free spirited vibe from Tara and I love it! Checked out her blog and it’s a great find. CHEERS girls!
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  10. good day friends
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  11. sounds like a fun blog!
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  12. Better late than never!! It’s been a busy day and I’ve been preparing for my own feature tomorrow. I’m very excited!! Today’s fb is very funny. Definitely worth visiting and reading several posts.
    Licia recently posted..welcome SITS!

  13. Real girl! Real life!
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  14. Fun blogger!!
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  15. Love her! I think my favorite blogs are always the ones who blog about the “whatever”. I’m a milspouse, mommy-blogger, 20-something and then some… I can’t possibly be contained to a ‘theme’ either! Can’t wait to read more!
    The Blogtessa recently posted..An Ugly Spouse

  16. Love the title of her blog! Can’t wait to read more.
    Jen recently posted..Finding Balance

  17. What a great blogger! I love being a part of the SITS community!

  18. Heading over for a visit now…

  19. Let’s here it for the 20 something non-mommy bloggers! LOL!
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  20. Tara is an amazing girl and not to mention an fabulous blogger! I have been blog friends with her since she had little followers and now she has many but she still reads and comments on my Blog. She is the ultimate supporter. Visit her blog… you wont regret it. <3

  21. Big hair…that’s a good (funny) concept.

    Hello to the gals working so hard to make this site work!
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  22. such a cute photo – can’t wait to read the blog post about meeting JT!
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  23. I was looking for the big hair… sounds great. I’m on my way.
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  24. Super cute blog!
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  25. Love the name for the blog…

    and also can I say as another 20 something, it’s nice to see a non-mommy blogger :)
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  26. Fabulous name for a blog. I love it!
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  27. I love Tara! She’s so sweet and her blog is always entertaining!

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  30. boo a day late but I have a good excuse :)
    gonna jump on over to say hey
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  31. Her perfect evening sounds divine!
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