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Welcome to a new week! Did everyone have a great weekend?

We are going to get this week started with our featured blogger, Saving a Buck R 2.

Hello Everyone!! If you’re reading this then I’ve been featured, WA-HOO!!! :) My name is Amy and I am the proud Blover (blog lover) of Saving A Buck R 2! I am a Mother first to a handsome 22 month old, and a beautiful 13 year old, (yikes right?!?!) and girlfriend to a gorgeous man who brings me coupons from the gym (eh ehm…I do love diamonds :) I have a degree in Criminal Justice and I love kitties, cheese and Thai Chicken. I started as your everyday couponer, one or two coupons here and there, but then I got really into couponing, (with the help of my sister Jen) and then really good at it! Saving A Buck R 2 was created out of the “want” to share the “how to’s” with everyone else, originally starting with my friends and family :) I hope you will enjoy my blog and come back often for all of your coupon needs!! Thank you :)

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Saved By Grace

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  1. I am the worst couponer in the world. If I manage to get one, I forget to use it. I am headed over to your blog now so it can motivate me! Happy SITS Day!

  2. On my way over there…

  3. I never even thought about using coupons at the dollar store. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Kitties, cheese and Thai Chicken – what a combination, not to mention criminal justice!! You sound like you lead a very interesting life! Can hardly wait to read more……

  5. Congratulations and hope that you had an amazing SITS day!

  6. Happy SITS Day!

  7. Happy (belated) SITS Day! Can’t wait to check out your blog!

  8. Happy SITS day! Love the tips.

  9. Late to the party but excited to be here all the same! HAPPY SITS DAY!!! :)

  10. Happy belated SITS Day!

  11. Happy SITS day!

  12. Happy SITS day to you!!

  13. Hope you’re having a wonderful SITS day!

  14. Happy SITS Day (lol sorry I’m a little late!!)!! Hope you had a great one! ;)

  15. Congrats on your SITS day! I totally need to get in on the coupon-ing thing!!!:)

  16. Congratulations on you SITS day! I’m excited to learn more about coupon-ing from your blog!

  17. Hope you’re having a fun SITS Day!

  18. Happy SITS Day!

  19. Happy SITS Day!

  20. Happy SITS day! excited to check this out!

  21. Happy SITs day!

  22. Happy SITS day!

  23. Happy SITS day to you! I can’t wait to learn some couponing tips from you!

  24. Happy Sits Day! Heading over now…

  25. Hi Amy, congratulations on being featured. Have a happy SITS Day! Just visited your blog, nice giveaways!

  26. After just a quick look at “saving a buck r 2″ I realize I know nothing about couponing. Good thing Amy does!

  27. Thanks for sharing tips on saving. It is always helpful to learn how to make things work better.

  28. Happy SITS day!

  29. Happy SITS Day. :)

  30. Hi Amy! Happy SITS Day! I’m excited to check out your blog. I love coupons and getting a good deal. Can’t wait to get some tips from your site!

  31. Happy SITS Day from another single mom who loves herself a good coupon or two!

  32. Fun blog! Nice to meet you!

  33. Big Congrats on your SITS Day. Have sent you some Twitter love.

  34. Happy SITS Day, Amy! Heading over to your blog now! :)

  35. Have a wonderful day!

  36. Happy SITS Day, Amy! Going over to check out your blog. Enjoy all the comment luv!

  37. Happy SITS day! Hope you are having a great day.

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