Say Anything

Say Anything

DrayaAnn from Say Anything is an adorable mom to be! She blogs about anything and everything that’s on her mind and then some…

Your blog name leads me to believe your site is a place where you can literally, say anything. What makes your blog different then most?
I decided on the name Say Anything for a few reasons. Say Anything is my most favorite movie of all time and I always thought, besides being the best movie, the name was just perfect and that I related to it somehow. Another reason I wanted Say Anything to be the name of my blog was because I wanted to have a blog that didn’t pigeon hole me into one type of writing. I wanted a place where I could come and just say whatever was on my mind. If it was rambling on a Monday or posting things I found on Etsy that caught my eye, I just wanted Say Anything to be a place I could put it down. I think Say Anything is kind of a jumble of different types of blogs I’ve seen out there. I write about my life, what I love, what I don’t love, cute things I find, and basically anything that pops into this head of mine. I guess it’s different than other blogs in that it’s not just one type of blog. It’s a place where you can come and I may be all over the place, but hopefully, there is something you can relate to or find pretty.

Why did you start blogging?
I originally started blogging on back in 2007 when I was in the process of planning a wedding. I had a little blog that I loved, but once I was married, it kind of lost its luster and I decided to shut it down. After a few months of not blogging, I realized I really missed the outlet that blogging can be and decided to start a new blog that was about anything and everything. And it was the best decision. I remembered how much I liked blogging and how much I loved the community of people that comes with blogging. I love reading other blogs and commenting. It’s rewarding and exciting when someone comments on something you posted. There have been times when I have terrible bloggers’ block but something always brings me back to blogging. I guess it’s just a part of me now.

Say Anything
What are you busy doing when you’re not blogging?
When I’m not blogging, life is pretty laid back for me. My husband and I are die hard Iowa Hawkeye fans, so every August through November we can usually be found driving between Illinois and Iowa for a football game. My husband is from Iowa, so we get to visit with family there and cheer on the Hawks.  It’s a win win for us! I also play mommy to a gaggle of kitties who drive me nuts and make me crack up all the time. My life is about to change in less than two months with the impending arrival of our little boy, so things will be very different soon! And I can’t wait!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It’s been an eventful one, what’s going on?
We have been trying to get pregnant since we were married back in 2008.  It has been a tough road getting here. I had a horrible ruptured ectopic pregnancy that almost took my life a year ago, but we pulled though and are 100% focused on this little boy who should be here at the end of April.

This pregnancy has been a tough one for me. It feels like one thing after another has happened to test how strong I am, but we’ve come this far and there is no turning back. I’ve been dealing with high blood pressure, super high protein levels, endless blood tests, horrible bouts of dizziness that make it hard for me to even walk on my own, bed rest and now gestational diabetes. It’s a lot to handle and it makes you worry a bit more than you’d like to, but my husband and I have both agreed that we’ll do anything the doctors say to do to keep our little man healthy, safe and sound.

For now, it’s a lot of sitting on the couch, watching what I eat, and doctor visit after doctor visit. My official due date is April 28, but, as of our last doctor’s appointment, no one really knows when this boy is going to make his grand entrance. Given all the health issues, it’s kind of up in the air if he’ll be willing to stay in there until my due date. I tell him to just hang out in there a little while longer because it will be well worth his wait.

pregnancy ectopic

What advice can you offer other women who are experiencing what you are experiencing?
This pregnancy has been a true test of patience, nerves, and trust. There have been many moments where I break down and let myself worry and be upset that things haven’t been perfect, but I know that once he is here in my arms, it will have been worth every single problem that has come up. For anyone who hasn’t had the “perfect pregnancy” and is going through anything like I have, the best thing to have is a support system that has your back. I know I could not have done this if my husband wasn’t there with me for every appointment. He has taken the most amazing care of me and has held my hand through it all.

My family and friends have also been amazing. They don’t mind that I have a few more complaints than usual and let me just put it out there that I feel awful at times and need to cry, scream or laugh. The only other advice I can give to someone else is to remember that at the end you get the best reward possible. That thought makes it all okay to me.

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Give DrayaAnn some extra love today…any woman confined to bed rest deserves additional support!


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    Congrats on your SITS day! You have the most brilliant blue eyes. I know you can’t wait to welcome your baby into the world. Best wishes!

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    I’ve been through a lot of what you’re going through. On my 5th pregnancy and no children my cousin was expecting at the same time. My aunt, being a not very nice person, kept going on about her daughter having the first grandchild. People constantly asked if I wanted a boy or girl. My husband was overseas in the military was in bed almost the entire pregnancy. All I could respond with was that I just wanted to have a healthy baby. And I did, a perfectly healthy 9 lb. 4 oz. baby girl. It’s great to have a support system because it keeps the stress level low. I wish you a healthy and happy baby.

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    I can really relate to this bloggers experiences in pregnancy. I too suffered a couple losses prior to becoming pregnant and went through 4 years of infertility treatments and then became pregnant with my first son which was a very difficult 9 months.

    I’m gong to go give her a little love & support today!

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    The name of your sight is Say Anything I have a blog called say what you want. I think being able to say what you want is a blessing and gives us an outlet to just be who we are.

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    I had similar issues with my first pregnancy and went on to have two healthy babies (and adopting 3 more). Wishing you a peaceful wait.

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    Better late than never! I am trying to get back in to my routine after all the excitement of the Bat Mitzvah. I managed to post today – a unique combo post with 3 other bloggers all about pancakes!

    Great FB today who is hanging in there with a really tough pregnancy. Of course, I told her it was good training for the teenage years. I really shouldn’t comment on blogs of people with little kids or babies – I’m just too jaded :-)

    Happy Monday to all.

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    Happy SITS day! I love the name of your blog and that adorable picture of you and your husband. I can relate to the idea of wanting to keep the blog open. I do that, too, but I didn’t come up with a clever name. Just MY name!!! You did a good job on that! :)

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    What a GREAT person to feature! I know first hand how rough pregnancy can be, and it’s refreshing to see someone that is honest about that. It makes me feel much more normal for not saying “it’s just a BLESSING and PERFECT.” It’s PERFECTLY FINE to say “yikes, this is ROUGH! The result is great, but the 9 months leading up to it can be TOUGH!”