Scientific Nature of the Whammy

Today’s spotlight is shining on a blogger that is a true writer. I so admire that.

And, I just love her tagline:
“Nurturing the spirit through writing and community; exploring the moments that make life a joy”

Please give a hearty SITStah welcome to Rachael of Scientific Nature of the Whammy.

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember from stories to journals to the school newspaper and poetry. Now I spend the biggest part of my days taking care of my kids. My blog is my sanctuary, a place to nurture my spirit through writing and connecting with people. I love finding myself again, sharing my ups and downs, and getting to share all the ups and downs of the people I’ve met through blogging. My blog is where my spirit goes to soar.

How I Had a Baby in my Bathroom {Tiffany’s notes: LITERALLY. She literally had the baby in the bathroom. A must read. Her husband chimes in as well!}

Unexpected Memories

In an Alternate Universe, I am Married to..

And, there you have it! The wonderful writings of Rachael. Now, {after you roll call} go see her!


  1. EEKS! Happy SITS Day! How did I miss this? I’m afraid I’m losing featured bloggers in the “and one more” SITS updates.
    Jester Queen recently posted..Uprinting Giveaway (Abridged Moby Dick)

  2. Congratulations on your SITS day, girl! Rock it!! :-)

  3. A baby in the bathroom. Totally intrigued. Heading over now…
    Ms. Adams recently posted..Homemade Maryland Blue Crabs

  4. Oh my, I can’t wait to read about her giving birth in the bathroom… that is insane! Off to check out the FB… make it a great day everyone!!
    Marge recently posted..One of These Days, I’m Going to Write a Book! Is today the day?

  5. Congrats on your SITS day!
    anne recently posted..A Drizzle, soft and mildly cold

  6. Baby in the bathroom… I must read that right now. Happy, happy SITS day!

  7. Amazing stories! Love that you’re a counsellor. We should all be so brave and so giving….
    Anne Kimball recently posted..Sunday Social Becomes, For Today, Sermon Sunday

  8. Happy SITS day and now I’m off to read the baby bathroom story…
    Brook @ Redhead Reverie recently posted..A {Windy City Adventure} Sound Bytes of the Week

  9. Cool, Happy SITS!
    Audrey recently posted..rounding out the Covert Robin

  10. Off I go!
    Jean Lynd recently posted..Our April Birchbox Winner!

  11. Looking forward to checking out your site!
    Andrea @ No Doubt Learning recently posted..Dandelion Connections to Christopher Nibble

  12. Happy SITS day!
    OneMommy recently posted..Thankful Thursday – An Interview with the Little Ones

  13. Everyone deserves a place to soar. Happy SITS Day
    Melissa @ Completely Eclipsed recently posted..What Not to Say

  14. Loved your Dream post AND baby in the bathroom. You are a very talented writer, as Tiffany gushed in your intro. Happy SITS day!
    Ilene recently posted..Diva’s Wild Night Out

  15. Happy Friday!!!
    Missy recently posted..90 Days with Jesus

  16. Wow! Baby in the bathroom huh? That does sound like a must read!!! Happy SITS day!!!
    Kassi @ Truly Lovely recently posted..Fancy This Fridays 74

  17. What a story. Reminds me of having my first baby ala UK style. Brave woman…
    Brenda recently posted..A Man in Delhi

  18. Wow, I’m going to have to check out that story…
    Kate recently posted..Broken China and Seaglass Jewelry

  19. Whoa whoa whoa….baby in the bathroom?? I’m heading over. Happy Sits Day!!
    jessie a recently posted..It’s May! Take care of yourself yourself

  20. Yay! Having a baby in my bathroom is one of my biggest pregnancy fears. I go quick… and they keep getting quicker!
    Heather Likes Food recently posted..Quinoa Apple Salad

  21. Congrats on your Sits feature!
    Weather Anchor Mama recently posted..Tots Sharing Teethers

  22. Here! Can’t wait to read the baby in the bathroom story!

  23. Congratulations on being the featured blogger! I just read your story of giving birth in the bathroom and I’m amazed. You are one strong lady!
    Eva Gallant recently posted..Friday Fiction: Welcome to Singles Night, Chapter 13

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