Rubber Chicken Madness

Our featured blogger today is a single mother writes with equal parts heart and humor. Say hi to Kimberly from Rubber Chicken Madness.

Here’s a bit about Kimberly and her blog:

My life isn’t made up of white picket fences and happy endings, but for a long time I wished that it were.

Divorce. Single motherhood. Constant budget crises. A neurotic dog.

But once I decided to abandon the idea of perfection, I found a beauty in my life that blew my mind and soothed my soul, and it all started with a rubber chicken.

It’s not what I planned, but it’s perfect anyway.

Some of Kimberly’s favorite posts are:

A cute look at the two sides of her personality in Inner Brat.

It’s a Fine Line discusses the “my child would never” syndrome.

Reflecting on her activist teenager in We Reap What We Sow.

After checking in here with a quick comment, head over to Kimberly’s for more of Rubber Chicken Madness!

The Divine Miss Mommy


  1. Love your attitude. Funny how much you can thrive when you’re truly put to the test–I survived both an eating disorder and an abusive relationship, which not everyone is able to do unfortunately…and I am a much stronger, happier, insightful person because of it!

  2. another Kimberly with boys..

  3. I love your header! Looks like a fun blog!

  4. Got to check out this out.

  5. Blog. that should say blog.

  6. from your little synopsis, i kinda think Im going to love your blov!

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