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Welcome today’s feature blogger Sparkles And A Stove!

Check out how she crafts and cooks…with a kid holding onto each pant leg!

A glue gun, a spoon, and a mom and Sparkles And A Stove was born. Nothing 15 years of being a corporate America bean counter handed me was as challenging or rewarding as mothering my baby and my toddler, but spelling words in Cheerios wasn’t quite fulfilling my need for a creative outlet. I started Sparkles And A Stove to share my love of crafting and cooking and connect with other wannabe crafters and chefs. My mission is to show that anyone can tap into their inner creativity with simple crafts and recipes even if it’s with a kid holding onto each pant leg.

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    Happy SITS Day (belated…I know…don’t ask how tired I am lol…30 weeks pregnant…need I say more??) Can’t wait to read your blog! I’m a foodie!! =)

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    I love that you and I have the corporate world to mommyhood in common, as well as the creative outlet of blogging! Congrats on everything, and I am heading over to check things out now!

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    Yes! Slow cooker recipes. Got one for Christmas & haven’t taken it out of the box yet. Thanks for the motivation.

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    Wow! It sounds like the perfect name for you blog. Well done for doing it all with two kids holding on. I remember those days. My oldest is now 16 and my youngest is almost 5.