Stories About My Underpants: and other sordid tales

Don’t worry if underpants aren’t your thing!

Today’s feature blogger, Stories About My Underpants: and other sordid tales is sharing stories about her day-to-day life!

It occurred to me the other day – because someone blatantly said it to me – that I have an awful lot of stories related to my underpants. For example, in the span of a decade I’ve literally had all of my underpants stolen from my house, have gotten patted down by a security guard at the airport who discovered that my giant, non-fitting underpants were around my thighs instead of, you know, where they usually go, and just recently, I threw my underpants at a perfect stranger at the gym.

So you see, the name of this blog makes a lot more sense once you understand just how big a role they play in my life. But shockingly, only a few of my actual blog posts have turned out to be about my underpants, because other random things happen during my day-to-day life as well. So if underpants aren’t your thing, don’t worry – I don’t care to wear them all the time either.

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    OK, I know you are thinking, where has this Sitster been for the last month??? Well, I was settling in to a new job but I am finally getting caught up and I want to wish you a very belated happy sits day!!! I can tell already this blog is going to make me laugh!

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    Love your writing style! Thanks for making me laugh this morning. :) Heading over to check out your blog now!


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    Oh my gosh if your whole blog is as funny as your intro, I’m never going to want to leave! Happy SITS day!