Strength and Sunshine

Happy hump day, friends!

Todays featured blogger is Strength and Sunshine.

Hey lovely ladies! My name is Rebecca and I started Strength and Sunshine in June of 2013. I had always been an avid healthy living blog reader so I decided to start my own blog and share my passions for all things that encompass healthy living. That includes yoga, strength training, cooking, mental health, and fun! I also have Celiac Disease, a soy allergy, and eat mostly vegan, but I love developing new healthy recipes to share and help out those who also have dietary restrictions! Come check out my blog and stay a while, don’t be scared to say hi; we all need strength and sunshine on our personal journeys!

Favorite Posts:

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    Hope your SITS day was a happy one. I just took a nice long cruise around your blog. Love your pictures and recipes. Especially the butternut squash and carrot soup – we like to grow our own veggies and often have a bumper crop of butternut squash – I can’t wait to try out the ricipe! Sounds perfect and, best of all, clean and guilt-free.

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    Hi Rebecca! Your picture is amazing. I am already in awe of most people who practice yoga but I am thinking I can add you to that list. Happy Belated SITSDay and I hope it was a wonderful one…headed over for a bit of Strength and Sunshine in a bit 😀

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    I am totally subscribing to your blog! My family and I have been transitioning to a much healthier lifestyle and recently took the next steps of eliminating smoking and diet soda (or any soda) from my life completely. I also love juicing!

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    My son looked over my shoulder while I was checking out your blog and then proceeded to try out some of the poses…all I can say is ouch! But he loved it.

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    I’m excited to check out your blog!! I’m gluten intolerant and am always looking for great reads and insight!

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    Happy Sits day, I work with a lady who is Celiac and is always looking for ideas, recipes, advice etc, I’ll let her know about your blog.

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    I’m so excited about your site! I’m allergic to gluten, so I’m always excited to find recipes that I’m able to eat!

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    Just looking at that pic of wonderful Rebecca contorted beneath the tree makes my body ache! :) Finding the zen during her SITS day no doubt!

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    Your blog sounds perfect for me–I’m a baby vegan and getting back into yoga to ease my back pain!! Happy SITS day!

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    Can’t wait to try your vegan stuffed mushroom recipe! I have been CRAVING mushrooms all week oddly enough, so this is perfect timing! : )

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    Happy SITS day to you. I checked out you Vegan Chickpea Flour Omelet post and thank you for it. I eat a plant based diet so this is right up my alley.