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Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready to get this Monday started! We are going to kick this week off with our Featured Blogger, Stuffed Suitcase.

Hi SITStahs! I’ve always had a strong interest in traveling, but growing up my family didn’t have the money or opportunity to take many vacations. Once I married my husband that interest was fed, and since both of our families lived far away we traveled early on with our children. I became the go-to person for travel questions among our friends and family. In 2012 I started Stuffed Suitcase to share my tips and experiences with others, and help them enjoy family travel. I don’t travel all the time, so my blog is packed full of tips to help you organize your family travel & family life!

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About Featured Blogger

A featured blogger post on The SITS Girls is our way of putting a spotlight on bloggers everywhere. Be sure to comment both on our site and head over to the featured blogger's site!


  1. Happy SITS Day!!!!

  2. Happy SITS day to you! Love your blog concept and name. Traveling is so important as it enriches and brings perspective our lives.

  3. Enjoyed your pictures post! Hope you enjoyed your SITS day!

  4. Hi Kimberly, I hope you had a wonderful SITS Day! Heading over now to check out your blog… I’m a fellow travel lover – we’re kindred spirits! :D

  5. What a GORGEOUS family!! I love the title of your blog!! HAPPY SITS DAY!

  6. Happy SITS Day! I’m happy that my boys are almost old enough not to count as kids (not little ones anyway!!) and traveling is SO much easier now!!

  7. Happy SITS Day! Love the travel theme! :)

  8. Fun idea for a blog! We could all use a little help traveling with kids, huh? Happy SITS day! Hope it was a good one!

  9. Happy SITS day!

  10. Happy SITS day! Love your blog and would be happy to connect via social media!!

  11. Wow! I love the idea behind this blog. I love to travel and have been doing so with my husband and twins since before they turned 1 (now 12). I am looking forward to reading your ideas and adventures.

  12. Happy SITS Day! Good tips on organizing pics. I used to be so much better about it.

  13. Happy SITS Day!

  14. Happy SITS days – love your 40 weeks of nut-free lunches. We aren’t nut-free in our house, but these are great lunches regardless.

  15. Happy SITS day to you! I’m headed over to check out your blog right now!

  16. Happy SITS Day!

  17. I love to travel, too–but I just added a little one to our family and have come to realize that traveling with a little one is WAY different than traveling with just my husband and i! I’ll definitely be using some of the tips that I found on your blog! Happy SITS!

    • It is definitely different, Natalie. But, not a bad different! The biggest thing I had to adjust to with our girls is that you can’t move near as quickly as you used to as singles. Touring and everything just takes longer. Best wishes!

  18. Happy SITS Day! I could use some travel tips and want to check out your post on organizing photos. Enjoy the comment luv.

  19. Interesting theme, heading over

  20. Hi Kimberly! Happy SITS Day! Loved your post 5 Steps to Teach Your Kids How to Pack!

  21. I am so excited to read your tips! We have 2 trips planned this year and we are taking our 2 year old daughter on both of them! I’m a little nervous so I’m looking forward to read your tips :D
    Happy SITS Day!

    • Hi Keia! I hope your trips are wonderful! I have a lot of info still in my mind that hasn’t made it onto my site yet, so feel free to email, facebook, or tweet me any questions you might have for your trip!

  22. What a beautiful family and I absolutely LOVE the concept behind this blog! Happy SITS day, on my way over now :)

  23. Five things to do on vacation to engage your kids nice article. Looking forward to reading more.

  24. Happy SITS Day! I can’t wait to see your tips as we also love traveling with our kids.

  25. Your blog looks interesting. I will be stopping by.

  26. What a great name for a blog! I’ll have to stop by your site later!

  27. Happy SITS Day! Looking forward to checking out your blog!

  28. Happy SITS Day!! I hope it’s amazing.

  29. Love it!

  30. Happy SITS Day! I’m looking forward to some great packing and travel tips!

  31. Happy SITS Day!

  32. Perfect Timing, we are heading to Disney later this year, and now we can budget for that better.

  33. Happy Sits Day, I so wish I could travel. Maybe one day….

  34. Wow!!! Wonderful blog! This weather is a great reason to SITS around checking out blogs.

  35. Happy SITS day from Ireland :)

  36. Hi Kimberly! What a coincidence! Happy SITS day!
    Thanks for visiting my blog this week and saying hi! I’ll be right over!

  37. Happy SITS day! Loved the packing printables and I left you a comment.

  38. Happy SITS Day!

  39. Happy Sits Day! What a beautiful blog and family!

  40. Happy SITS Day!

  41. I am SO not a traveler, but I want to be. I’ll be stopping by your site later for tips. Happy SITS day!

  42. Perfect timing. Taking my first big trip and definitely checking out your advice! Happy SITS!

  43. Heading that way…

  44. Happy SITS Day!

  45. Happy SITS Day! What a great name for your Blog..I can’t wait to stop by and explore it :)

  46. Happy SITS DAY!!

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