Tales of a Perfectly Imperfect Momma

Meet Jessica, the Perfectly Imperfect Momma.   She says, “I am the funniest SAHM in MD. Shh….its not polite to disagree with me.”  Let’s all go tell her that she’s funny, and while we are there, congratulate her on the recent birth of her daughter!

Tell us about your blog. What can we expect when visiting?
Well, what can you expect? Uhh….good question. You can answer this two ways. And if you know me, you know – I will answer both ways. If you dont know me…well derf…thats why you gotta visit. Well, the first way to answer I would like to say is: expect to laugh. Expect to be floored at how stinking awesome I am. Expect major wow factorness here. Expect a woman who makes up her own language. Expect a woman who loves herself, just a little too much.

My other answer would be: expect a hot mess. My blog is just like me…a mish mosh of everything – with a twist. Not that I am twisty…I am just…well, as my mom put it: weird. And extremely funny. No seriously. I am really funny. Ask my mom..ahem…kids…ahem…anyone I know in real life. And if they disagree with me; then know, they lied to you and dont really know me.

Tell us about you….the “imperfect mama”.
Here’s what part of my about me page says:  I am a sexy, sexy lady who you must fear. I know….you wanna be me. But you can’t. Cause I already inhabit this cool spot. Not enough? Well, if you must know more than that(and I’m not sure why you would need to)…….I am the funniest SAHM in MD. Shh….its not polite to disagree with me.

But if you’re looking at my name you’re probably wondering: how could she call herself imperfect? Especially with that answer to the last question. Its easy. Back in the day I used to try and be like everyone. Tried hard to be what everyone else wanted me to be. I stopped living that life when I grew up – but started reverting back to that when I gave birth to my son.

I started feeling like I needed to be this picture perfect momma with the picture perfect kid and marriage. Quickly I realized that aint gonna happen so now I embrace my imperfectness. For example…the word is imperfections and I said imperfectness.

See how awesome I am? I know I am a dork and walk around like a mountain woman sometimes but I still love myself.

Do your friends and family all know about your blog?  Are they supportive of it?
Ha. Friends? That would require me stepping away from my desk…which is something I never do!! Um, well…thats what my family thinks at least. well…I think they do. Know about my blog that is. I do know I have some family that knows about my blog (like 2 people). And they are all fine with it. Supportive? I wouldn’t say so.

These people still look at blogging as a waste of time. Apparently, blogging regularly turns you into some sorta troll woman (ahem…politically correctness is not my forte). No one can seem to grasp that I am a writer and I need to write. Well, no one but my husband. He doesnt mind my blogging but he does mind when I write about him (http://reallyimamom.blogspot.com/2010/07/dont-want-them-to-know.html). Oops…sorry baby!

Have you ever “met” anyone in real life from blogging?
Ugh…this is such a huge pet peeve of mine. No. I have not. And I am very bitter about it. Every time a conference has come up; something has happened here that I couldn’t. Like BlogHer 11? Yeah…this chick had to up and give birth to a little Diva.

I do live nearby some bloggers and tried once to meet up with one – but again…something happened (huge car accident had shut down the area I needed to get to). But I am trying!! I am tired of all youse peoples having fun without me!!

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  1. Happy SITS day!

  2. i love it when people are comfortable in their own skin because that’s when they shine the brightest

  3. I think it’s cool that you love yourself in all the imperfections. I am still working on that!

  4. I totally relate to the concept of never stepping away from your desk! Well, that’s not true actually. I step away plenty; my laptop is just my siamese twin :)

    Happy SITS day :)

  5. Perfection is an illusion.

  6. Lovely interview – something also always seems to come up when a blog convention is on.
    I find life so busy now I have my son – he is 1 in 4 weeks time :)
    Great blog and hope all you SITS girls are having a lovely day

    Laura x

  7. I love your style. Very funny. Great blog.

  8. What a great sense of humor! Off to check out some of her posts now.

  9. howdy.

  10. Cool- new blog! I have been looking to update my blogroll as well as update my own blog! Incase some of you are new to me- it has been a while since I’ve been here– we are expecting baby #3 in 13 weeks! (Nah…I’m not counting or anything….) and just when I thought “Baby and Tot Tales” was coming to an end, life changes!

    I’ve also started a new blog about small space living over at


    I don’t know how to be two people on this site yet. I could do that too…..eventually.

  11. Happy Happy Sunday! I’ve already checked out the FB and she really is funny. Who doesn’t need a laugh?

  12. hope everyone is enjoying the weekend :D

  13. Great article! Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Perfection is overrated. Personally, I like the whole understated “hot mess”.

  15. You’re hilarious! And honest, that is always good. No one is perfect and it is refreshing to hear some one else’s stories!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Already following and can’t wait for more!

  17. Happy SITS Weekend!

  18. Happy SITS day!

  19. Happy SITS DAY!!

  20. I’ve been a mom for ten years and I still feel that way sometimes! Today I posted some pretty monogram designs perfect for your front door this fall! Come see me:)!

  21. Congrats on being featured! Definitely some clever writing. I’ll be checking your blog out closer. Best of luck blogging and being a MOM.

  22. Absolutely love your energy, Jessica! Hopping on over to check out Perfectly Imperfect!

    Happy SITS Day!

  23. Whew, I think a ton of us can relate to trying to be the picture perfect mama when the first kid arrived. Thank goodness there are others who have given in to the “imperfectness.” Ha!

  24. Hope you enjoyed your SITS day. I am heading to your blog to check it out now.

  25. happy sits day!

  26. Happy SITS Day! I’m a MD momma too and can’t wait to go to my first bloggy conference. You sound fun and I will be checking your site out.

  27. Congrats on SITS and the baby!

  28. I’ve been following her on twitter for a while, and I’m so happy she’s getting featured :)

  29. Looking forward to checking out your blog!

  30. No wonder humor sells! Look forward to checking out your blog…

  31. So adorable. & Who cares if some people around you aren’t truly supportive of your blog, everyone else on here clearly is! :)

  32. Happy SITS day dear!!

  33. I know this woman is going to have a great blog – so I’m off to check it out. Love off the wall humor!

  34. *giggling* I cant wait to start reading.

  35. Such cuties! Can’t wait to check out the blog.

  36. I love the name of her blog. I am all about accepting our imperfection! And I love the humor!

  37. I already like this girl!

  38. Can’t wait to read more about you!!

    Happy SITS day!


  39. Lol that’s some funny stuff! :D definitely gonna head to her page for some more laughs!!

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