Teaspoon Travelers

Getting us through this hump day is today’s feature blogger, Lauren from Teaspoon Travelers.

She blogs about exploring and eating. Yum! I can’t wait!

My name is Lauren and if there are two things I love to do it’s explore and eat. I do most of my exploring in my own backyard, however, we are getting to travel a bit more these days. The eating part is easy. I live with a chef so I get to explore new things in that area too. The Teaspoon Travelers is a blog David (my fiance) and I started together as a way to share with others our love of eating and exploring. Journey with us as we explore my life as a forced vegetarian and the big world around us!

Lauren is sure you will love these 3 posts:

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  1. @TheNameIsCasie says

    I can fully attest to Lauren + Dave’s love for adventure, food and each other!! I absolutely love being apart of their lives – and, also, therefore a member of their dinner table on occasion – their great friendship & amazing meals always have me wanting more!! :)