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Let’s give a warm welcome to today’s feature blogger Maureen from The Baby Is Fine.

She’s a brave one, confessing to all her parental insanity!

If you enjoy tales of neurosis, photos of adorable babies climbing into laundry baskets, and excessive use of parenthetical references (I can’t control myself; semicolons, too, are a favorite), then you are in for a treat! I’m Maureen (AKA Mo), a 29-year-old mama, wifey, dog-lover, book nerd, and worrywart extraordinaire. I created The Baby Is Fine as a place to confess my parental insanity (the name stems from my husband’s go-to response to my all-too-frequent worry-fests; the phrase is typically delivered with an admittedly well-deserved eye roll), but I also share all variety of non-worry-related parenting musings and of course the aforementioned adorable photos (because my son is really, really cute). I hope you’ll stop by and laugh with and/or at me (I’m not picky)!

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  1. Ooo, I hear you sister – I’m heading in to check it out!!1
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  2. I’m a little late, but I need to check out this one. :)
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  3. Happy Belated SITS Day, lady… hope it was great!
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  4. I love both parentheses and semi-colons. Can’t wait to check it out. Better late than never, right?
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  5. Heading on over…
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  6. Happy SITS Day – a few days late! :)
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  7. Happy SITS day!
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  8. Sorry I missed your SITS day but I hope you had a great one :) Going to check out your blog right now!
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  9. Happy Belated SITS Day! Congrats.
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  10. I know i’m late but, happy sits day! :-)
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  11. Congrats on your special day!!
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  12. I am a parentheses kind of gal too! Happy SITS day!
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  14. I can relate…I had twins and was not sure I WAS GOING TO MAKE IT.
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  15. Happy SITS day!
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  16. Your son is adorable! I wanna be a mother someday too.
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  17. Sounds like my kind of blog! Heading on over…
    Kim recently posted..Triggers of Irritability

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