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{Please be extra sure to stop by today’s FB- her husband was deployed to Afghanistan just a few days ago.}

Okay.  The header alone on this blog is bRiLlIaNt.

Jessica is Hi.lar.i.ous.

Like spit-water-on-the-screen-while-you-are-reading-funny.


Her post Sweaty, Hairy, Tomato Face WITH a diagram had me rolling.  In her “What’s on Jessica’s Phone” installments, she manages to piece together a ton of randomness with a healthy dose of humor.  And, you’ll totally love her rad post about her totally awesome 80’s party.

Now.  Go forth and comment.  Its the SITSterly think to do.

Tickets for Austin {less than FIVE tickets left!} and St. George, Utah, our final Bloggy Boot Camp stops for the year, are on sale now! Don’t wait to buy yours. We’d love to meet you in person!

And, as always, when you see this:

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    Ok, I just visited Jessica’s blog… and had to come back and comment again. So. Good. She’s funny, yeah, but also a great writer, inspiring, beautiful, original, personal. Well done SITS, well done.

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    I just left a comment but I don’t think it went through for some reason. Anyway, great blog. I enjoyed reading it and thank you to your husband serving in the military.

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    Elated to have an internet connection during my vacation so I could check in here and blog a little. Just don’t tell my boss :-) because I won’t be checking company email.