The Roving Retorter

How is it already December??

Let’s get this fun filled, busy month kicked off with  The Roving Retorter!

Who, pray tell, is the Roving Retorter?
A Midwestern New Yorker

Where’d she come up with this “Roving Retorter” alias?
In a Comfort Inn at the foot of the Catskills, Columbus Day weekend 2009

Who/what is her muse?
Who/what is NOT her muse?

What’s the profile of her most likely audience?
The open-minded types who take what they do seriously without taking themselves very seriously

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  1. says

    Happy belated SITS day! The neighborhood watch piece was funny. Very interesting style of writing. The jewelry thing is so true.Somewhere between the risk of losing something you treasure from your mom and keeping what you have left under lock and key there must be some way you manage to still wear the jewelry securely. I had a chain that meant a lot that kept breaking at the clasp. I took it to a jeweler and paid $100 to have a special clasp put on. This is now been 25 years of wearing my medal and chain every day and never losing it. I hope you get to wear once again what means so much to you… Just a thought!
    The Garden Goat