The UnCoordinated Mommy

A mom I have a feeling we can all relate to is here to help us through this hump day!

Welcome today’s feature blogger, The UnCoordinated Mommy.

I am The UnCoordinated Mommy. No really, I am. I sometimes “appear” to have it together. But don’t let that fool you! I don’t. I think I am Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde when it comes to my coordination. I either am super mom and can juggle a billion things and still have my makeup on, hair done and children dressed to perfection, which happens like twice a year. Or, more commonly, I am the mom in the carpool line with no makeup on and a greasy ponytail, dropping off her kid, late, with an egg salad sandwich and fruit pouch from Starbucks for lunch! At least I always bring kid tupperware and a lunchbox to put it in. So I don’t “look” like that mom. ;) I’m always looking for ways to make me more coordinated, or appear so, and love to share what I find!

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  1. Happy (belated) SITS Day!! I can’t wait to read your post about second babies! I am due with our second in April lol…I have been having a feeling she was coming early, but the doctors laugh at me because my first baby was 11 days overdue.

  2. Happy {belated} SITS Day! Off to check you out!

  3. Hope your Sits day was a happy one! I love the title of your blog. I think we all feel like uncoordinated mommies!

  4. Hehe, this is totally my life.
    Motherhood is awesome.

  5. Happy SITS Day!

  6. Sounds like my life!!!
    Off to see your site, and enjoy reading your adventures in mommyhood!

  7. Heading on over…

  8. Happy Belated SITS day! Heading over to check out your blog now :)


  9. On my way!

  10. Happy SITS day!

  11. Happy Belated SITS Day!

  12. Haha! You sound like my kind of mom! I too am all or nothing. I think we all feel like frauds a bit, but we are probably doing better than we give ourselves credit for! Can’t wait to check out your blog!

  13. Congrats on your SITS Day! Hope it was terrific!

  14. I think we are all ‘uncoordinated’. :)

  15. loved reading those posts!

  16. Happy SITS day!

  17. Happy SITS Day!

  18. We all get disorganized at some point in our lives. I can’t wait to read your posts especially since I want to become a mother someday. :)

  19. Happy SITS Day! I love your blog name!

  20. Happy SITS Day! Looking forward to heading over!! :)

  21. Happy SIT Day. On my way to your blog.

  22. I enjoyed your posts. It brought me back to those days of pregnancies. My kids are 5 and 3 now, still young but seems like a lifetime ago when they were babies. Happy SITS!

  23. I checked out your blog! I also like your description – I am the same way…some days I seem like I have it all together but most days, I am a mess LOL. Looking forward to reading more on your blog :) Have a great night!

  24. Happy SITS! Off to check out your site!

  25. Looking forward to checking out your blog! Happy SITS Day!

  26. Happy SITS day. I browsed your blog and I love the little one with spaghetti on her head in the banner!

  27. Happy SITS Day!

  28. Being a mom is hard work and honestly there are a lot of moms who feel exactly like this. You’re just brave enough to acknowledge it and talk about it.

  29. Happy Sits Day!!!!

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