A Time For Seasons

It’s hump day friends! Are you all excited for the weekend?

Before you get to excited let’s welcome our featured blogger A Time for Seasons.

As the work-at-home, home-schooling, mother of three I found out that most years were passing by with me feeling like we didn’t get everything ‘done’ before the seasons changed. So last year we started making ‘seasonal bucket lists’ as a family. My blog is the records of our seasonal adventures, crafts, recipes, DIYs and more. I hope my blog can help you and your family enjoy each season to it’s fullest.

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    Love your winter ideas list, I could use some help with this season. Winter’s are long,cold and seem to drag on forever, Thanks for the list of fun things to do:)

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    Happy belated SITS Day! What a cool idea for a blog! I am seasons-obsessed and agree that I never feel like I take advantage enough before the season is gone. I am heading over to see what your latest post is now!

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    Happy SITS day! Seasonal bucket lists make PERFECT sense! I’m constantly trying to clear out too small clothes and pack away the hand me downs and sort through toys and holiday items. It can be overwhelming and bucket lists sound like a great way to get things done. Besides….I’m a FREAK for making lists!!!

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    Happy SITS Day! Wish you the best with your blog. I liked your post Winter Bucket List 2014. I always like to write things down to keep me focused and going in the direction I should go…sometimes I don’t follow my list, though….

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    Happy SITS Day! I enjoyed the bucket list! I’m always wishing I had myself more together during that time of year so that I can focus on building memories instead of doing all the other stuff that gets in the way. :o)

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    Hold your horses, this gal likes writing cards ‘just because!’ Love that and more over at ATimeforSeasons.

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    I love the concept behind this blog and the focus on spending time with family. Also, adorable crafts. Happy SITS day <3

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    Happy SITS day! Love the bucket list….I need to start doing the same! I’m currently a FT working mama, but I am looking to leave the job force in the next couple months. I had the pleasure of staying home with my eldest when she was younger, tho, and know it is NOT all fun and games free time! I love lists and hope this will help me out during what is sure to be a crazy transition!